Printing Services - Add Printing to Your Order

Printing Services - Add Printing to Your Order

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  • These prices are for Printing Services Only and Do not include merchandise.
  • Add your merchandise separately to your cart before checkout.
  • Minimum print is 50 pcs. Add 50 of this service and 50 of any bags to your cart.
  • Free Setup for All Orders.
  • Email us your artwork for mockup creation prior to printing. ([email protected])
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***Minimum of 50 pcs Required for Print Services!

 The above prices are for (per print) - (per side) screen printing services only, they do not include the product. (Example: If you are ordering 50 of this screen print service you will need to order 50 bags of your choice to your cart as well to complete your order)

2) Minimum order quantity for the screen print service is 50.
These are the final prices for the screen print service, all fees (set up fee, screen fee, flash curing fee) are all included.

3) Over/Under Runs & Spoilage: All screen printing orders may have up to 3% under run. Some products could be damaged, or not have printed properly. Because of this, we cannot guarantee you will receive 100% of the products in your order. We recommend ordering a few extras to accommodate this. If there is over 3% in spoilage, we will refund or credit you for the difference. 

4) We will create the virtual sample and send you an approval email, once approved by you, your items will be shipped in 7-10 business days.

5) Screen Print service is offered on one side or on both side of the product, but quantity must be doubled to show a two-sided print. For example, if you want 50 bags printed on both sides, you will need to choose 100 as your print quantity and add to cart.

6) You can always cancel your order and get a full refund before you approve the virtual sample. We are unable to accept returns, cancellations or exchanges on personalized products, once virtual sample is approved. 

7) You are always free to make any changes on your design before you approve the mock-up, we will only take your "APPROVED" mock-up as a reference and your final product will be same as shown on the Final approved mock-up. 

8) After you add your color and print quantity to your cart, do not forget to add your choice of tote bags, drawstring bags, backpacks, makeup bags, jute burlap bags and any other products to your cart also before you check out.

9) You can choose up to 5 colors for a single design.
Please send your logo to '[email protected]' in one of the following formats: JPG, TIF, PSD, AI, BITMAP.

10) Ordering 24 items or more will reduce your cost per item and save you money. The more you order, the less you pay!

11) We guarantee that your final product is the highest quality. We thoroughly inspect each and every item we ship both before and after screen printing. 

BagzDepot is your one-stop shop for everything from logos, images and names to original artworks created by you!  

Did you know that you can create personalized tote bags quickly and easily with custom screen printing?

It's true! Printed bags can showcase logos, slogans and other artwork to serve as either a promotional item to advertise a business or as a keepsake for a special event. Thanks to our screen printing services, you can customize the design to share your message with the world.

What Is Custom Screen Printing?

Screen printing is an artistic process that transfers an image onto a cloth material, like a t-shirt or tote bag. In this case, you can start by selecting from our collection of wholesale tote bags. Remember, the more bags you order, the more you save per bag. Once you choose the right type of bag, including canvas tote bagscotton tote bagsjute burlap tote bags and drawstring bags, you can submit the artwork that you would like to use to create your personalized tote bags. You may choose up to five colors to incorporate into your design, so choose wisely to ensure that your artwork pops. Using your submitted design, we will create a virtual sample to show you what the finished product will look like. If you would like any changes, let us know and we can make any necessary adjustments before we start making the printed bags.

Once you approve the sample, we begin the technical process of making the screens and stencils that will be used to delicately add each color in a separate layer to the personalized tote bags. As each color is applied during the pressing stage, the final design of your printed bags begin to take shape.

What Are Personalized Tote Bags Used For?

You can use personalized tote bags for a variety of reasons. One of the most popular is for businesses to hand out promotional tote bags at street fairs, trade shows and company events. By purchasing wholesale tote bags at a low cost and then personalizing them with custom screen printing, companies can create an affordable gift that is both functional and promotional.

Personalized tote bags are also a great idea for a party favor at a wedding or other special event. Use custom screen printing to commemorate important dates or names so your guests will remember this day for years to come.

However you choose to use the promotional tote bags, our screen printing services are the perfect way to bring your vision to life.