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Clear Bags

Clear bags can be used for events, grand openings, birthdays, large corporate gifts, promotional purposes and more! You can buy clear tote bags, clear stadium bags, clear drawstring bags, clear travel bags and more at BagzDepot.

The Clear Bag Policy

With security being a major issue today, the clear bag policy is being enforced more and more throughout the United States. Many concert halls and sports stadiums now have mandatory clear bag policies and require attendees to carry a clear stadium bag so security can identify what people are carrying into the event; one major example of this is the NFL clear bag policy. Office workers are being asked to bring their lunch in clear lunch bags and in many places clear book bags for school are now mandatory.

Where to Buy Clear Bags

If you're looking for a clear bag that will not be rejected at the gate or door, the most ideal and budget-friendly choice is to purchase a clear bag at BagzDepot.

Clear fanny packs and the clear bag trend are on the rise, and if you’re planning on going to a huge event at a stadium, it undoubtedly becomes a doubly practical option. You and your friends will need clear gameday bags for the big event. 

Clear Tote Bags


These clear tote bags are now available in a variety of sizes and styles.

If you want to advertise your daily essentials, as many modern day bloggers and influencers do, then clear tote bags are right for you. Luminaries and fashionistas show off their most beautiful belongings or accessories through a clear bag. If you have some designer makeup or want to showcase some of your expensive jewelry, then carrying around a transparent handbag is a great idea.

Clear Backpacks for School & Everyday


Clear backpacks are becoming a popular trend, but many schools now also require students to carry clear backpacks for school. This affordable lightweight see-through backpack is simple and affordable.

Clear backpacks have numerous advantages, especially with parental control. It enables parents to see what their kids take to school easily. Buying this clear backpack for your kids allows you to determine if your child has everything he or she needs to go to school. 

This clear backpack helps in ensuring effective security measures. Common security maneuvers include the inspection of bags to see if students are bringing the wrong items to school. Part of inspections at entrance posts includes checking for dangerous chemicals, guns, weapons, prohibited alcohols, etc. Students will be cautious about carrying any contraband because they will be easily recognized and apprehended. It also curbs the issue of stealing in classrooms as teachers can easily identify with the contents of these bags.

Clear Vinyl Bags


Vinyl is the vital material needed in the manufacturing of transparent bags. Clear vinyl bags have numerous benefits. They are less open to attack as they are wear and tear resistant and protected against many chemicals.

Vinyl bags beat paper or leather bags when it comes to protecting against rain or snow. If you own a store or run a business, it is pretty simple for you to print your business’s name, trademark or logo on these bags. 

Vinyl material means that the bag won't be affected by water, dirt or sand and can be swiftly and easily brushed clean, therefore making it ideal for going to the beach. Vinyl beach totes are a simply breezy way to carry everything you require for a day at the beach. A clear bag allows you to gaze at a glimpse the items in your bag, so you can easily take what you need, or see if you've forgotten a vital item.

Whether your taste is carefree or polished, you can rely on finding a selection of cheap clear vinyl totes at BagzDepot. They're flexible and serve a number of purposes, either doubled as a school bag or a convenient go-to bag to bring on day-journeys, weekend trips or on fiery summer days spent at the beach.

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