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Eco-friendly Bags 

Do you run an eco-friendly business? If so, then you’ll love our eco-friendly bags, specially formulated for minimal impact on the environment. Use these bags to wow your customers with your eco-credentials.

Cotton is an entirely natural product. Cotton grows, just like any other crop. The fibers are then separated and spun into long strings to make everything from clothing to our totes. It’s perfectly safe for customers and the environment.

Organic Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale

If you’re a sustainable brand, volume wholesale buyer, or even a regular stall at a farmer’s market, you’ll love our organic canvas tote bags wholesale. We offer bulk wholesale totes made from natural materials free from pesticides and other contaminants, making them the perfect complement for your eco-conscious enterprise. We source all our cotton bags only from suppliers who use organic crops.

Sustainable Bags

At Bagzdepot, we know that businesses want to become more sustainable. It’s not enough to be able to buy wholesale canvas totes at affordable prices - you also want to give your customers the ability to carry your products in sustainable, reusable bags. Sustainability is right at the heart of our natural canvas tote bag designs. We build our bags from durable materials, giving you the ability to brand your enterprise as sustainable and ethical.

Canvas drawstring bags

Canvas drawstring bags bring a new form factor to the humble tote. While most of our canvas tote bags wholesale in Los Angeles use strap handles, drawstring totes allow customers to fasten their goods inside the bag, preventing spillage.

Our drawstring totes are just as affordable as the rest of our range and provide your customers with incredible practicality and versatility. Not only are they an excellent option for keeping a large number of products safe while traveling, but they also double up for other uses around the home. It’s the perfect accessory to go with all your products.  

Cotton Bags For Farmer’s Markets 

Do you want to provide your customers with a farmers market tote bag? If so, then you’ll love our selection. Our totes are ideal for independent produce suppliers who want to provide their customers with bags that complement their goods. Don’t forget; you can customize your bags with us by adding your logo - its the perfect way for smaller vendors to advertise themselves and get the word out about what they do.

Canvas Totes For Trade Shows 

If you want to grab attention at your next trade show, then make sure that you check out our totes for trade shows. Our totes are popular among companies attending trade shows for a variety of reasons. Firstly, our eco-friendly bags slot effortlessly into the current culture of environmental concern and corporate responsibility. You can show your customers that you operate a company committed to maintaining the health of the natural environment.

Second, you can put your logo on our totes and organic cotton drawstring bags, using the people who attend your stall as moving advertising platforms, encouraging more people to seek you out.

Check out our selection today and see how much of a difference organic canvas bags can make to the long term success of your enterprise, no matter what you sell.

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