Combining the highest quality with low prices, BagzDepot is your one-stop-shop for canvas tote bags, wholesale backpacks, duffle bags, personalized bags and much, much more. Our endless selection of top-quality bags ensures you can order any number of bags in any color, style or material. 

High-quality canvas tote bags

Canvas tote bags are a popular choice with business and personal customers alike. The perfect way to create brand awareness, custom tote bags can be embellished with designs, logos, and names via our screen printing and digital printing services. 

Buying wholesale canvas tote bags is, perhaps, the best way to make a return on these stunning pieces. By adding your unique designs who our high-quality canvas or cotton tote bags, you can create bespoke fashion accessories that are sure to be a hit with your customers. 

Tote bags are chic and stylish, which makes them a reliable option for fashion brands, retailers and businesses. However, it isn’t just fashion-related brands that can use personalized tote bags to enhance their product lines. 

As a form of marketing and merchandising, custom printed bags can be used by businesses across all sectors. From healthcare organizations and educational institutions to finance companies and tech start-ups; wholesale tote bags can be used to incentivize new customers, reward existing clients and generate interest in your brand. 

What’s more – wholesale tote bags are a cost-effective way to increase your reach and boost engagement. When you buy our tote bags in bulk, you’ll benefit from the best deals and lowest prices. With a fantastic selection of cheap tote bags, you can be sure your bags will combine quality with economy. 

To find out more, take a look at the best canvas tote bags now or contact BagzDepot on 888-596-4449.

Eco-Friendly and Desirable Canvas Bags

The recent media coverage concerning climate change and the environment has led to many people moving away from single-use, plastic bags. In a bid to satisfy customers and reduce their own impact on the environment, many companies are looking for cost-effective alternatives to plastic bags. 

Fortunately, our wholesale bags fit the bill. Whether you’re looking for promotional bags, cheap drawstring bags or blank tote bags, you’ll find a fantastic selection right here at BagzDepot. 

Available in a range of materials, you can enhance your company’s green credentials by switching from plastic to canvas bags, cotton tote bags, and even organic bags. Available both as blank bags and with custom personalization, you can use our sustainably sourced bags to add a new dimension to your business. 

Customers are placing increasing importance on sustainability when they shop, and many people are actively seeking out brands that employ environmentally friendly policies. When you use personalized canvas tote bags, you can increase awareness of your company’s green policies and reap the rewards. 

Personalized Bags and Custom Prints

At BagzDepot, we understand the importance of effective customization. Whether you’re creating your own range of fashion accessories or marketing your brand with swag bags and promotional bags, our personalization options will ensure you achieve your objectives. 

We offer both silk screen printing and digital printing, so you can enhance a wide range of bags with detailed imagery, brand logos, and custom typography. 

When you opt for digital printing, you’ll have unlimited options when it comes to the colors used. Giving you maximum control over the imagery used, digital printing is ideal for high-definition images and color photos. 

Alternatively, why not try our screen printing services to create your personalized drawstring bags, tote bags or duffle bags? Using bespoke screens and stencils, we’ll add your artwork to your chosen bags in layers, to create an impressive and long-lasting design. With the option to use up to five colors and have your bags personalized on both sides, you can explore your creativity as you design your custom bags. 

With a minimum order of just 12 bags for digital printing and 25 for screen printing, our bespoke personalization services are ideal for businesses of all sizes. If you’re promoting a particular product, creating brand awareness or hosting a giveaway, they make the perfect swag bags!

Of course, it isn’t just businesses that can benefit from our exceptional personalization services. Our private customers love the choice of personalization options here at BagzDepot too. Perfect for weddings, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, college dorms, school outings, and friendship groups, our custom tote and drawstring bags are a fun and functional way to celebrate any event. 

To learn more about our personalized bags or to discuss your designs in more detail, contact BagzDepot now on 888-596-4449 or email us at

Wholesale Duffle Bags, Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags and More!

When you’re promoting your brand or hosting an event, you’ll need a large number of bespoke bags. When you buy wholesale duffle bags, drawstring bags or tote bags, you’ll benefit from the lowest possible prices. 

Whilst our single bag prices offer fantastic value; the more you buy, the lower the price goes! Furthermore, our printing costs decrease too, when you’re buying in bulk. Whether you need 50 bags or 5,000 bags, our friendly team will be on hand to assist with your order. 

Unlike many other suppliers, we keep a full inventory right here in our warehouse. With so many items in stock, we can offer a fantastic service to all of our customers. In particular, this means we can offer exceptionally fast turnaround times and speedy deliveries. From drawstring bags bulk purchases to clear bags and wholesale canvas tote bags orders; we’ll give you a delivery estimate you can rely on.

Got a promotional event coming up and need wholesale bags or bulk swag bags in a hurry? No problem. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll do everything we can to get your blank or personalized bags to you in time for your event. With a fully stocked warehouse and in-house printing facilities, BagzDepot prides itself on offering our customers an unrivaled service. 

Wholesale Clear Bags in a Variety of Styles

As well as being a favorite fashion accessory, clear bags are supremely functional and versatile. Popular with consumers, businesses are cashing in by stocking bags that feature clear sides and pockets. With a seemingly guaranteed customer base, brands can enhance their product ranges by adding clear tote bags, clear duffle bags, and clear backpacks.

Under new ‘clear bag policies’, many event organizers only permit clear bags to be brought into venues. In a bid to streamline security and increase safety, clear bag policies are in force at stadiums, arenas, concert halls and airports around the world. In addition to this, many schools, colleges and universities, and workplaces are also introducing clear bag protocols.

At BagzDepot, we have a wide selection of clear bags in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials. We’ve even done the hard work for you and sourced clear bags which fulfill the policy requirements of specific venues and events. Want to boost your revenue with NFL-compliant clear bags? No problem!

As a leading provider of canvas bags, drawstring bags, duffle bags, backpacks and much more, we’re committed to delivering a wide array of style options. Our clear bag range includes bags with reinforced corners and bases for enhanced functionality and extreme durability. 

From color-contrasting handles and easy-cinch clear drawstring bags to concert-friendly clear fanny packs and clear backpacks with extra pockets; you’ll find a great selection of clear bags right here. 

As well as being popular with our business customers, our individual consumers love our range of clear bags too. If you’re heading off on holiday or attending a festival, why not prepare in advance with functional and fashionable clear bags? 

We even offer printing on our clear bag range, so you can personalize your chosen style as much as you like! To find out more or to order clear bags now, get in touch with the team at BagzDepot on 888-596-4449. 

When to use Promotional Bags and Swag Bags?

Businesses are always on the lookout for innovative ways to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Fortunately, swag bags and promotional bags are one of the most effective ways to generate interest. 

Customers love it when brands reward them with free products and promotional giveaways. Choosing to do this by using personalized swag bags maximizes the reach of your campaign and helps to increase your returns. 

As our black and personalized bags are highly functional and long-lasting, you’ll find that recipients of your promotional bags and swag bags will be using them for years to come. This means you’ll be getting extra marketing and advertising for your brand every time they’re on show. With the potential to generate a significant amount of brand interest, custom printed swag bags and promotional bags can be a savvy investment for any type of business. 

Of course, you won’t just generate interest from new customers when you carry out giveaways using our fashionable range of promotional bags. Swag bags are a fantastic way to reward your existing customers too. With many people sharing their brand rewards online, you’ll find that a custom printed promotional bag could generate an exceptional amount of interest in your business. 

If you want to attract new customers, make more people aware of your brand and increase customer loyalty, why not take a look at our fantastic range of custom promotional bags and personalized swag bags now?  

Alternatively, talk to our friendly team about your bespoke bags today. Simply call BagzDepot on 888-596-4449 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help. 

Bulk Drawstring Bags and Backpacks

Drawstring bags are a fantastic choice as promotional or swag bags, and they’re also popular as small sports bags and shoe bags. Regularly used by budding footballers and dancers to carry their equipment to and from their venues, many sports teams, community centers, schools, and dance schools opt for custom drawstring bags for their teachers and students. 

In addition to this, personalized drawstring bags are popular for businesses that want to raise awareness of their brand and reward customers with free gifts and promotional items. Low-cost, functional and long-lasting, our range of wholesale drawstring bags will impress you and your customers. 

When you need something slightly larger, why not try our range of bespoke backpacks, laptop bags, and work bags. With something to suit every style and every occasion, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect blank and personalized bags at BagzDepot. 

With no minimum order on the majority of our products, they’re ideal for individual customers, start-ups, non-profits, small businesses, and multi-national corporations. Our committed to high quality and low prices means you can grab a great bargain, no matter how many bags you order. 

Of course, many organizations choose to lower their costs even more by ordering drawstring bags, backpacks, duffle bags and tote bags in bulk. The more pieces you order, the lower the price for each individual item. When you’re organizing an event, promoting a brand or rewarding your customers, buying wholesale bags can be the most cost-effective way to do it. 

Fast Turnaround and Speedy Delivery

When you order from BagzDepot, you won’t be waiting long for your bags to arrive. Whether you’re ordering thousands of wholesale blank tote bags, hundreds of promotional bags or a small selection of personalized bags, we’ll have them with you in no time. 

With a range of super-fast shipping options within the U.S., you can look forward to receiving your tote bags, drawstring bags, duffle bags, and backpacks from the minute you place your order. As well as serving our stateside customers, we also offer international shipping options to customers based overseas. 

Our low-priced international shipping and free U.S. shipping for orders over $50 make shopping at BagzDepot a delight.

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