The popularity of cotton tote bags has been rapidly increasing in recent years. In fact, they've become such an en vogue accessory that designer brand Balenciaga released a handbag almost identical to a practical blue IKEA tote bag... and sold it for $2,815.

Luckily, you don't have to pay anywhere near that much to get a canvas tote bag. One of the main appeals of tote bags is actually that they're affordable. More than that, though, they're customizable, stylish, and durable. You'll get a lot of utility from any cotton bag that you buy, so it's only natural that you want to jump ship on this article and buy one right now.

Don't do that!

You need to read this before buying, because we're going to give you the tips you need to get cotton tote bags that are both long-lasting and represent your personality and interests.

Read on to learn more about how to style for the tote bag of your dreams... and yourself while you're using it!

Choosing Your Tote Bag

Before you can start accessorizing and customizing your tote bag, you'll need to decide on a style that's right for you. Whether you value durability or know you want a certain look, it's important to do your research and choose which cotton tote bags will fulfill your needs. Read on to learn how to select a material, style, and color for your cotton bag!

Selecting a Material

Before you can begin selecting the perfect tote bag for your fashion sense, it's crucial to consider the material that you want your bag to be made of. While polyester, plastic, and even pleather tote bags exist, none of them are as sturdy or versatile as cotton.

Cotton (sometimes blended with polyester) is by far the best material when it comes to tote bags because it's weatherproof and durable. It keeps moisture out and prevents your items from becoming water damaged. It also is stretchy and breathable, meaning that it can hold a lot of weight without breaking. Cotton is perfect for holding all sorts of objects from books to wallets to groceries for that reason!

Choosing a Style

There are a wide variety of styles when it comes to cotton tote bags. Whether you want plain traditional handles or sturdy rope ones, you can get a bag that will have exactly what you want. You also can choose from a variety of sizes. Knowing what you'll be using your tote bag for the most will help you determine which size is right for you!

Some cotton tote bags even can close at the top to keep your belongings safe from pickpockets or accidental loss. There are awesome canvas bags that have a magnetic clasp at the top, meaning that they're easy to open and close. If you're worried about lost or stolen items, consider this style!

Deciding on Color

After selecting a style, you're going to need to choose the right color cotton for your tote. While choosing your favorite color is the obvious answer, color psychology is also an interesting way to select a color for your tote bag. Using this theory is a great way to put yourself in a good mood before shopping!

Another consideration when choosing a color needs to be your wardrobe. If you wear a lot of blues, a hot pink bag probably isn't for you no matter how much you like it. Of course, there's always the option to get more tote bags to match every color of the rainbow!

Styling Cotton Tote Bags

Once you've decided what basic cotton tote bags are right for you, it's time to get customizing and accessorizing them! There are a lot of ways to do this, so in this section, we've compiled a handy guide to make it easier for you to figure out what you want. Read on to learn how to style the canvas tote bag of your dreams!

Customizing Your Tote

The best way to style the perfect canvas tote bags is to customize them. Our website offers digital printing in all colors, making it easy to upload any image you like and have it printed onto your bag. It's easy to use this tool, too, since uploading the image (and applying effects) can be done through our user-friendly software!

You can add pretty much any image to a canvas tote. Think of something meaningful to you. A picture of a pet, a significant other, or a location can help you to show off what you love. Also consider adding a favorite literary or TV quote if you want to have a little fun.

Side note: you can also order custom tote bags in bulk! They're great party favors and are awesome for advertising a business. Just something to keep in mind for next time you need creative inspiration for a group!

Adding Accessories

No matter how you choose to customize your tote bag, you can spruce it up even more by adding some accessories. Metal buttons and enamel pins come in all shapes and sizes, and you can easily buy them at various online or brick-and-mortar vendors. They come with all sorts of images and sayings, so it will be fun to decorate a bag in accordance with the theme you used for customization!

How to Style Yourself

Once you've decided on a canvas book bag and know how to style it for maximum coolness, it's time to learn how to style yourself while wearing it. What outfit should you wear? How do you match it with your accessories? Read on to answer those questions (and more) so you can wear your tote bag and look as trendy as possible.

Matching Is Key...

Like we brushed on before, you want to choose a tote bag that matches the majority of your wardrobe. This principle goes both ways: you also want to choose outfits that match the tote bag you plan to wear to any given outing. This means using a consistent color palette and ensuring that the pattern on your blouse doesn't clash with your tote bag.

It's also a well-known rule in fashion that you want to make sure that your bag matches your shoes, and this mantra definitely applies to tote bags. Check out some 2020 shoe trends to help you choose what sort of tote you want to wear! You won't regret making yourself match the bag of your dreams.

...But Don't Be Too Matchy

While matching is crucial to any outfit/bag combo, there's still such a thing as being too matchy. If you have a pair of leopard print leggings, for example, wearing a leopard print tote bag is going to look silly. Instead, consider a bag with small customized leopards on it or a tote with brown accents.

You also don't want to incorporate texts in both your tote bag and your outfit at the same time. While we highly encourage you to get both text and images on different tote bags, it's important to match those with text to plain patterned or image-centric shirts and blouses. Otherwise, people are going to develop a little too much curiosity about what the walking billboard near them says.

Keep a Consistent Look

Keeping things consistent is also key to styling yourself when wearing a tote bag. This means that your outfit and bag should ideally tie together to be part of a common theme. After all, it makes no sense consistency-wise to have a nature-themed outfit and a sleek, modern design on your tote.

Not that there's anything wrong with all outfits like that, per se! It will just be a lot more impactful and interesting to onlookers if you manage to stick to one common theme among all your accessories. It's just like matching the different kinds of metals on the jewelry you're wearing on a given day!

Get Shopping!

Choosing the perfect handbag can be a challenge, but luckily it's easier than ever. Customizable canvas tote bags are right for everyone. When you know how to style them (and yourself), you're certain to look and feel amazing.

Now you know how to style the perfect cotton tote bags for your personal use and how to dress and accessorize when wearing it. With that out of the way, it's time to get shopping! Head over to our contact page if you have any questions on how to get the best deals on cotton tote bags. We're happy to point you in the direction of the affordable and durable products that are right for you.

Get excited to carry your bag out and about- you'll look tote-ally amazing!