If you are looking to add a new bag to your wardrobe, then you should be thinking about clear bags.

Clear bags are just one of the trending bags of the year. One feature that made these clear bags gain popularity is that they suit any outfit you are putting on. This is a thumbs up for you as you probably do not want to keep searching through your wardrobe for the bag that best suits your clothing. Just pick a clear bag, and you are good to go.

clear purse

Now, I'm very sure you can't wait to get your cart full of clear bags. Do not be in a hurry. There is a truckload of things you need to understand before getting a clear bag. Read them below and get your clear bag.

What is the Clear Bag Policy?

Clear bags may be trending, but did you know about the clear bag policy? The clear bag policy is now in place at many schools, stadiums, airports, and concerts, and is meant to help security identify what people are carrying into an event for safety purposes. Wherever you see a clear bag, it's more than likely that there are specific policies governing their use, and this is the clear bag policy.

Each location has a clear bag policy. This means that for every place you would like to take a clear bag to, you have to know the clear bag policy for that specific location. The policies cover various clear bags ranging from the small clear bags for work to clear lunch bags for correctional officers. Also, we have the stadium approved clear bags and clear book bags for school.

Clear bag policies were formed with the intention of providing a safe environment while still maintaining the interest of the clear bag users. See below the specification of the NFL approved clear bags.

NFL Approved Clear Bags

  • A small clutch bag that may or may not have a handle. It can be carried inside the stadium along with any of the NFL approved clear bag options. The clutch bag should be 4.5" × 6.5."
  • NFL allows bags that are clear plastics. They also allow vinyl or PVC bags. Anyone you choose to carry, must not be more than 12" × 6" × 12."

clear purse long handle

Just as the NFL clear bag policy indicates the clear bags allowed into the stadium, there are a lot of other clear bag policies likes this. Examples include the policy governing the clear bag for concert, clear book bag for girls, and the clear lunch bags policies. Also, you can find the TSA approved clear toiletry bag, clear travel bag, and the clear stadium bag.

Clear Bags in all Shapes and Sizes

Clear bags come in different shapes and sizes. In general, the shape and size of the bags you choose depend solely on the event and where it is taking place. As we all know, many stadiums do not allow traditional backpacks so a clear backpack or clear stadium bag could be your best bet. Now, you have the option to choose between different shapes and sizes of clear bags.

large clear duffle bag

You can rock clear tote bags, clear gusseted bags, or any of the clear zipper bags. These bags are highly functional, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Well if you want something smaller and portable, you can go for the clear bag purse. You can say that clear bags come in different shapes and sizes to cover more of your specific needs for specific events.

If you are planning how to package a gift for a friend, you can wrap it up with a fancy paper, and put it in a clear gift bag with handles. By doing so, you are not only giving that friend the gift in the wrapping paper. You also gave the clear gift bag as a gift. Imagine how grateful that friend would be.

Clear Fanny Pack

Convenience is definitely the reason why the clear fanny pack is one of the most loved of the clear bag series. Whether it is the clear belt fanny pack or the small clear bags, it is easy, convenient, and portable to carry about. Owning a fanny pack is a good choice, and buying a clear fanny pack is an even greater choice. It means you would not have to search long, just at a glance you have found what you are looking for.

clear fanny pack

The clear plastic fanny pack has been referred to be the best bag ever by some of its fans. Most of them love it because they can tie it across their waist, back, or chest. Others say it is very comfortable, stylish, and well designed to fit its user's purpose. Many other people love it because of its versatility.

It comes with straps which enables you to adjust the size to fit into your waist and hips. Also, it can go across your body, passing on top of your shoulder. Anyone can use the clear fanny pack since it comes with a strap that allows you to adjust it to your size. It is also a unisex bag.

Why Use Clear Bags? 

If you think you should use a clear bag just because it is trendy, you are right. But there are many other benefits of using a clear bag.

  • Clear bags save money

We all know that clear bags are reusable bags, and reusable bags save money because you don't have to pay the next time you are using it.

  • Clear bags save space

Clear bags help to de-clutter your home. They do not occupy much space, you can fold them up, and they end up taking very little space in the house.

  • Clear bags are durable and reliable

Clear bags are durable. They can resist wear and tear. This makes clear bags reliable, and therefore, they last longer.

By now, I'm very sure you can't wait to get your clear bag. But do you know where to get the best of clear bags that would serve you well? Read below.

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