It's summer! That means you're taking many trips to the beach to cool off, jet-setting wherever you can, and soaking up any time in the sun you can get. But there's no denying that traveling with a bunch of stuff is a struggle, especially if you're carrying heavy, cumbersome, and awkwardly-sized bags for all your essentials.

Canvas tote bags are a great way to take some stress out of your vacation. Whether it's making packing a breeze, simplifying airport security, or easing the day-to-day problems of being away from home, we love how much canvas tote bags make traveling easier! 

Still not sold on the hype around canvas tote bags? Here's why we think you should swap your small purse or uncomfy bag for a handy tote.

1. Perfect Size for Bulky Items

A tote is designed to be large and spacious enough for items of all sizes. The bag is versatile and will adapt to whatever you pack. Easily slip anything out as you pass through airport security and when you need an item close by during a flight or long drive.

They are also ideal for those with laptops and several electronics, as the average size of laptops fits perfectly in a tote. So whether you want to stream your favorite content from your hotel or get a few hours of work completed, you'll have it right on your shoulder in a tote. 

2. Small Enough for Storing as Carry-On

Unfortunately, you may know the struggle of finding the right carry-on bag. Carry-on bag size requirements are always changing. And even when you find a bag that fits the necessary dimensions, it's difficult to maneuver and store once you're on the plane. 

But with canvas tote bags, you can rest assured that your tote fits any airline's carry-on requirement. Not only that, but you can easily store your canvas tote bags in either an overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. Say goodbye to clunky backpacks or heavy suitcases that you struggle to lift.

Driving to your vacation destination? Your travel essentials won't be stuffed under everything in the trunk or hidden in zippers when you need them most! Instead, keep your prized possessions at your feet or in the passenger seat right beside you with a tote and access them easily. 

3. Durable for the Trip

Have you ever been on a trip and worried that something might scuff or tear your expensive designer bag the entire time? With canvas tote bags, you'll worry less about any damage and enjoy more time on the beautiful sites in front of you. Canvas tote bags are very durable, and you can put anything inside and not worry about it hurting the exterior or ripping. 

You can also place your tote on several surfaces, knowing it will be damage-resistant. So whether you're resting bag by your feet on the sidewalk while dining at a Parisian café or tossing your sack in the golf cart to take off to the next spot on the beach, your canvas tote bags are up for everything.

4. Easy to Clean

During your vacation, you'll probably be enjoying many new cuisines or walking around with an ice cream cone in hand. Unfortunately, something is bound to spill on whatever you're carrying with you. You can either go to great lengths to try and protect your belongings from accidents, or you can put them in something easy to clean. 

Canvas tote bags can be easily washed and dried. Simply wiping away any small accidents with a damp cloth will have your tote looking good as new in an hour. And a deep clean of your canvas tote bags is a simple process you can do in your hotel room as well. 

5. They Can Handle Any Weather

You never know what will happen on vacation. Will it be a scorching, sunny day? Will you be greeted with a sudden downpour of rain? Or will you take off on an unplanned beach excursion? No matter what unexpected events come your way, canvas tote bags can handle the heat and rain!

Totes are the best bag for the beach. They won't discolor from the intense sun, and they aren't affected by the sand. Forget trying to protect your purse and sprawl out in the sand for hours.

Happen to get caught in the rain? Your tote will get wet but still protect your valuables. And it will dry fast - bring it back to the hotel for a blow-dry, and it will be ready within the hour.

6. Avoid Plastic Bags

We use far too much plastic, especially when making clothing and merchandise. And when it comes to plastic bags specifically, we are using at least 500 billion single-use plastic sacks every year! 

If you're going to be doing any shopping on your vacation (and we know you will be doing at least a little!), you will probably be faced with a plastic sack. By having canvas tote bags at the ready, you can keep your consumption of plastic minimal, even when far from home! 

7. Access Quick Snacks

Whether you're packing snacks, buying souvenirs, or collecting shells, we tend to gather things on vacation. You don't want to be lugging around an empty duffel just for what you “might” find on your trip. 

You can easily fold canvas tote bags or store them in a purse or even a large pocket. So you can always have a bag ready for whatever you need to carry—no more juggling. Relax on your trip! 

Conclusion — Get the Perfect Canvas Tote Bags for Your Vacation

How you pack for your trip isn't just a task to do before your vacation; it can make or break an entire experience. By having canvas tote bags ready for your vacation, you can travel with ease, have a durable means of carrying items, reduce your single-use plastic consumption, and be ready for anything.

So, if you're going on any vacation this summer, leave the designer bag behind. Bring a tote bag that's ready to tag along on any adventure!