Canvas tote bags are all the rage today. They’re trendy, functional, lightweight, and affordable. What’s not to love?

Businesses also like using branded tote bags as swag. After all, 83% of consumers like receiving promotional products.

Whether you’re an individual or a company, consider learning how to pick tote bags with the highest return. Keep on reading to know how to choose what you need.

1. Determine Your Purpose

What’s your purpose for buying canvas tote bags? The style of these items makes them handy for a variety of uses. Knowing their purpose helps you decide better.

Businesses, for example, buy tote bags wholesale and use them for marketing. These are usually customizable, allowing companies to put their branding. 

However, businesses must still consider how their customers will use their swag. Technology companies must ensure the bags fit laptops, for example.

Grocery chains should hand out durable ones, while makeup stores prefer small sizes. Gyms might opt for the large size, but they can also buy wholesale duffle bags instead.

The purpose is especially crucial in marketing. Customers want something valuable. Brands are notorious for giving out various items for the sake of doing giveaways. 

Custom tote bags are not only in demand for businesses but for individuals, too. If you’re buying one for yourself, plan how you want to use it.

Are you planning to bring it to the gym and put your clothes and shoes in it? Do you want to use it as a work bag? 

Some people gift tote bags. In this case, you might also have to consider the recipients’ purpose for the bag.

2. Get the Perfect Size

The size you choose depends on your intended purpose. Do you need a day bag or a night bag? Read below for the usage of each size.


Canvas tote bags bulk sellers have various sizes. However, small sizes are usually about a ruler in height or width. These don’t have much room for bulky items, but they’re perfect for essentials.

You can fit your phone, wallet, accessories, hand sanitizer, and a few other items in a small tote bag. In some cases, you might even be able to squeeze in your tablet. For a quick trip to the store, it can serve you well.


A tablet fits more comfortably in a medium-sized tote bag, however. These bags can go to 15 or 16 inches in height and width.

A medium bag is better as an everyday bag or for casual outings. Aside from the essentials above, you can fit more accessories, like sunglasses and notebooks. 

Are you buying a few things from the convenience store? A medium-sized one can hold them for you, so you don’t need another bag.


If you want some heavy use out of the tote bag, you need a large one. It’s the perfect choice for people carrying their entire lives wherever.

In a large bag, you can fit several devices, such as the following:

  • your laptop
  • tablet
  • phone
  • even a portable charger

You can bring your folded cardigan and snacks you bought at the convenience store. A large bag is also perfect as overnight and beach bags. It can fit even your toiletries and skincare products. 

3. Decide on the Extra Features

Are you bored with the usual look of canvas tote bags? If so, worry not since they now have plenty of features to keep things interesting.


Some tote bags have pockets on the side, front, or back. These are perfect for easier access to things like your phone or wallet. However, we don’t recommend it due to security reasons.

Locking Mechanism

Tote bags don’t have to be open all the time, especially if you’re worried about your belongings. You can choose those with a locking mechanism, like magnetic snap locks or zippers.

Businesses may even choose wholesale drawstring bags. This decision can also be an aesthetic choice as drawstrings are functional and decorative.


Some people only use canvas tote bags for their groceries or other occasional needs. However, they can take up valuable space even when folded.

You have to look for compact styles. Some tote bags can fold and snap shut, allowing them to stay small and compressed unless necessary.

4. Choose a Design and Style

Tote bags are fully customizable. This level of personalization makes tote bags popular with businesses. They can put their logos, tagline, and other elements to create marketing material.

A bag is also functional, meaning they are the perfect swag to boost brand awareness. Every time a customer uses it, other people become aware of it.

Tote bags are perfect for other uses, as well. You may instead use them as giveaways for your wedding or baby shower. When you buy bulk tote bags, you’re free to use any image, graphic element, and colors aligning with your event.

6. Consider the Price

The price is a vital factor, but never base your decision on it. Prices vary because of the quality, although expensive doesn’t always mean excellence.

Companies often choose cheap tote bags to keep the marketing costs low. However, they don’t realize this choice reflects on their brand. 

Likewise, you don’t want something cheap for personal use. It must be both durable and trendy. It will require you to invest time and money to maintain its quality.

You have to be smart about it, though. Some brands have extravagant prices without offering anything unique.

Choose the Best Canvas Tote Bags

The best canvas tote bags serve both your needs and preferences. Fortunately, you have a wide variety of options.

Remember our tips since they apply to other types of bags. Consider them even when buying wholesale backpacks or wholesale fanny packs.

Do you need a canvas tote bag supplier? Feel free to contact us today and ask for a quote.