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product details

If you're looking for shopper tote bags that can be easily used time and time again, then BagzDepot could have just the product for you. Let's take a closer look at our trendy and practical shopper totes, their properties, and why you should consider purchasing them from BagzDepot. We offer some of the most cost-effective wholesale tote bags on the market, and here's what you need to know about them.

Product Specs:

  • 210 denier polyester
  • Keyhole handle
  • Dimensions: 14.75" H x 15.25" W x 3" D
Note: Bags not intended for use by children 12 and under.

Made of 210 denier polyester

When it comes to reusable grocery bags, the thickness and convenience of the material plays a big role in just how effective a choice that it is. Our shopping bags are made of polyester, with a denier count of 210. The denier count is a measurement that is used to describe the thickness of the threads of fiber in a bag. 210 is a low denier count, meaning that our bags are thinner, soft, and sheerer. As such, they are very easy to transport and store. Thick grocery bags tend to be more inconvenient when you have to carry them around before checking out.

The advantages of polyester

While having a lower denier count, our bulk tote bags are far from weak. Polyester is a synthetic compound that is very well known for its durability and its ability to resist abrasions. Furthermore, it's water resistant, meaning that it's our wholesale tote bags aren't going to become unusable just because they've been out in the rain for a little time. They are also resistant to mold and mildew, and so not stretch and shrink easily. When it comes to longevity and reliability, polyester is one of the best materials around.

Very environmentally friendly

If you're looking for reusable tote bags, then it's because you either want to use or provide a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags that are made from polyethylene. Polyester is significantly stronger than polyethylene, which means that it can be used time and time again. Furthermore, polyester is also highly recyclable. Polyester can be recycled into fabrics that can be used in garden furniture, garments, packing material, and much more.

Designed for a comfortable and fashionable fit

Our bulk tote bags come in a range of colors, including: turquoise, red, navy, black, royal, and graphite gray. As such, it's easy to choose bags that fit your particular look or brand. This certainly makes a nice change from the standard white grocery bag look. Furthermore, our bags have keyhole handles, which are designed to take up little space while also being ergonomically suited for your hand. The extra trim on the handle also means that the fabric won't be pinched against your skin when you've got a full bag.

When it comes to reusable shopper bags, BagzDepot has precisely what you need. Our 210 polyester bags are cost-effective, highly resilient, and much more environmentally friendly than some of the other options out there. Find out just how comfortable and convenient they can be by trying them out for yourself.

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