Sep 14, 2020
By Support@Bagzdepot.Com

Imagine you've just finished ringing up an order at the register and bagging the items. You hand the bag to the customer and thank them for coming. You hope you've sealed the deal, but the cheap plastic bag rips open, sending everything spilling to the ground.

It's every customer's and retailer's worst nightmare. You want to be memorable, but not like this. What you bag your merchandise in is just as important, if not more, than what you're selling.

Using flimsy, cheap bags that break can reflect poorly on your business image. That's why you need Die Cut Handle Bags.

Die Cut Handle Bags

If you're wondering what Die Cut Handle Bags are and what their benefits are, let us explain some of their features. Keep reading to learn more about how Die Cut Handle Bags can help your business.


Die Cut Handle Bags are sturdier than traditional plastic and paper bags. They are rip, puncture, and tear-proof. Die Cut Handle Bags even come with an optional reinforced patch handle or a fold-over handle for extra security, especially when toting around heavier items.

Some Die Cut Handle Bags have a built-in gusset in the bottom or the side of the bag so it can sit flat on a shelf, countertop, or on the floor without tipping over. The thicker plastic keeps the items inside safe from moisture, odor, or other harmful substances that may cause damage.


They're eco-friendly because they're made out of sturdy plastic material that can be re-used several times versus conventional plastic bags that break and get thrown away after only one use. They are also recyclable in some areas.

Single-use plastic bags only add to the current environmental pollution, with an estimated 500 billion plastic bags being used worldwide; that's more than a million bags per minute. Single-use plastic bags have a use time of just 15 minutes on average but Die Cut Handle Bags last longer. They offer multiple uses to cut down on the amount of plastic waste.


Die Cut Handle Bags can be multi-functional for an array of uses. Retail stores may use them for bagging consumer merchandise. But they may also be used for packaging food items from bakeries, coffee shops, and cafés. Restaurants that pack up to-go orders from their establishment can rest easy knowing the order will be secure in durable Die Cut Handle Bags.

Die Cut Handle Bags are also available in clear with a zip-top to provide added protection for the products within. These resealable die-cut bags are also great for taking items to concert venues and sporting events as they meet the clear bag policy rules.

Multi-Colored Options

Die Cut Handle Bags come in standard white and clear. But if you really want to wow your customer base, consider a wide range of vivid color choices. If your business has a specific color scheme, coordinate it with your Die Cut Handle Bags to add some pizzazz and make your brand stand out in a crowd even more.

Depending on the size and style of your die-cut bags, you can choose from many color options, including:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Blue

Some styles of Die Cut Handle Bags may come in a frosted film finish to give it a polished and elegant look. A consumer is also drawn to specific colors and the emotions they generate. Blue is calming and dependable, yellow is optimistic and warm, orange is energizing and friendly, red is passionate and bold, purple is creative, green is healthy and balanced.


When it comes to your business, no expense should be spared in making certain you leave a lasting impression on your customers for all the right reasons. Die Cut Handle Bags can speak volumes about your brand and help you achieve A-list status with your clientele without breaking the bank.

Your packaging is an extension of your brand. So, why would you want to cut corners on not getting the best possible packaging to represent your products to your customers?

For example, a 250 count order of 9x13x2 blank die-cut handle bags in blue with a bottom gusset would come out to just $0.44 per bag. If you wanted to have a logo or name printed on one side for an additional $0.25 per bag, it would cost about $0.69 per bag. A small price to pay to put your name out there for all the world to see.

Custom Die Cut Handle Bags

Die Cut Handle Bags can be customized with various options as well. The classic 'Thank You' printed bag is a popular item to keep your customers coming back for more. But if you want to take your die-cut merchandise bags to the next level, you can purchase customized bags with business slogans, names, photos, and logos.

Using Die Cut Handle Bags with logos is a great way to keep your brand on your customers' minds since there is a strong chance they will use your bag for other purposes after the initial purchase. With your logo front and center on your Die Cut Handle Bags, you're sure to attract the eye of other potential customers as well.

Custom Die Cut Handle Bags encourage repeat business. They are a great way to advertise your brand outside of your business effectively and affordably. It is a worthy investment to make in your store, restaurant, café, bakery, or other business sectors.

Your Brand Is in the Bag

At Bagz Depot, we carry all of the wholesale die-cut bags you need to make a statement about your brand. We offer free shipping on orders over $200. We also have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Blank orders ship out within 1-2 business days all over the U.S. Custom orders ship between 10-12 business days once the design gets its final approval. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products for the lowest wholesale price possible.

Contact Us today to see how we can fulfill your need for Die Cut Handle Bags and so much more. It's in the bag with Bagz Depot.