Canvas tote bags are the perfect accessory to help you carry your personal items. They're widely available with all kinds of different designs and styles, but an avid decorator or someone with specific taste will no doubt want to customize their own.  

Vinyl patches are a great accessory that you can add to all kinds of products. They are super customizable, which makes them the perfect tool for expressing your unique interests and style. But is it safe to use the heat transfer method to affix a vinyl patch to a canvas bag? Read on below to learn more!

Canvas Bags and Temperature Resistance

One of the most convenient properties of the canvas material is that it is largely resistant to intense temperatures and poor weather conditions. That's why these accessories are so useful. If you find yourself getting caught in the rain, you can rest assured your canvas bag will protect your belongings from water damage. If you decide to spend the day on the beach with the hot sun constantly beating down on your tote, you don't have to worry about the color fading or the design losing its vibrancy.

This temperature resistance will also come in handy when you decorate your tote bags. If you decide to use the heat transfer method to affix a vinyl patch or other accessories, you don't have to worry about damaging the bag itself. It's perfectly equipped to handle those high temperatures, as long as you're not planning to set it on fire. So have at it!

Start Customizing Today

When you're looking to customize your canvas bags, vinyl patches are a great vehicle for letting your creativity shine through. Thanks to the canvas material's durable nature, you should have no issue using heat transfer to securely attach your patches. So what are you waiting for? Start decorating your perfect custom canvas bag today!