Ah, the all-encompassing tote bag. What would we do without these functional, fashionable accessories? 

The tote's versatility is unmatched, and its reusability helps us reduce our environmental impact. Plus, they make for excellent branding opportunities! 

There's no doubt you need canvas tote bags for your next event. But how do you go about making a bulk purchase? 

That's where our guide comes in! Read on for the advice you need before placing your big order. 

What Are Canvas Tote Bags? 

Don't let this question scare you. You probably know what a tote bag is, but we're going to give you that exact definition.

A tote is a large bag that can carry pretty much anything you need to! The straps situated on the side make for easy portability, while the large opening will let you fit even the biggest of books. These accessories are handy for days of errands or even days at the beach. 

As the live events pick back up, you may want to place your bulk order ASAP. Before you do, read our handy guide to ensure you're getting what you need from your canvas bags. 

Tote Bag Materials

Canvas tote bags are totes constructed from durable fabric. Common fabrics include: 

  • Cotton and Linen: These materials are trendy in the tote bag world. They're naturally sourced from the environment, washable, and have plenty of styles to choose from. You'll find these canvas bags the face of many environmentalist campaigns. 
  • Polyester: Polyester makes for a great promotional bag, as the artificial fabric allows for brighter colors and offers higher wrinkle resistance. The thermoplastic material is utilized for food and drink packaging, giving these accessories better temperature control.

“Canvas” actually refers to the style in which designers weave the material, not the material itself. Tighter weaves have different names, too (i.e., duck canvas).

The same materials also make up backpacks, tents, and even ship sales. As you may know, canvas also serves as a popular medium for artists. 

Why Choose Custom Tote Bags?

Listen, there's hefty promotional power in customizable canvas bags. People use them for grocery shopping, meeting up with friends for coffee, and all sorts of activities. That's a lot of branding potential if your bag has your company logo on it.

Canvas bags also combat the waste caused by single-use plastic bags. And since many states have started banning plastic bags, canvas totes have become the popular go-to. 

Event Ideas

Canvas tote bags are in demand, but specific audiences seem to cling to these practical favors. The most popular events include: 

  • New Employee Gift Bag: A customized tote bag is an excellent way to welcome new hires and interns to the team. You can fill them with welcome packets, helpful office supplies, or other promotional items.
  • College Fairs & Orientation: College-aged students can appreciate a good tote. It's an easy way to carry around pamphlets on campus life and take home any other goodies.
  • Trade Shows: Promoting your product or business at a trade show? You can get easy, low-cost advertising by giving attendees canvas bags full of samples or additional information. Even if competitors are handing out promotional items, your logo is on display at all times.

Top Things to Consider When Purchasing Canvas Bags

You'll need to consider a few details before making your bulk purchase. No two bag styles are the same, and certain ones are better than others, depending on the situation.  


This is the most crucial consideration — what are your accessories going to do? Are they advertising your company? Are they a gift to your client? Maybe you're designing them with friends at a baby shower? 

Choose the best bag for how you think the receiver will use it. 


Certain accessories will have minimum quantities when purchasing wholesale. This will typically depend on the quality and cost of the material. Higher-end canvas bags require less per order, while ultra-value items may require a more significant amount. 


Different materials serve different purposes. As mentioned, it's best to choose a bag that matches how you think folks will use it. 

Artificial materials, like polyester, are better for food and drink storage as they help retain temperature. If you're buying for a crew of beach-goers, then this is a great option. Cotton or linen makes for great bulk purchases, and your recipients can use the accessories for about anything under the sun. They're typically cheaper, too! 


Again, this factor will depend on what you think folks will use the canvas tote bags for. If you intend for people to use them as reusable grocery sacks, opt for a larger size. However, if you're using the accessories as a unique company giveaway or in trade shows, ordering a smaller size is perfect.

Custom Design

If you don't want to decorate the accessories yourself, you might consider a custom option. Personalized designs are especially popular for corporate events or events where you show off your branding. You can choose silk screen printing or full-color digital printing. 

Production Time vs. Event Time

Make sure you're ordering your accessories ahead of event time. Production varies depending on the size of your order and the bag material. 

If you're ordering a blank canvas (pun intended), you'll typically receive your order within 2-6 business days, depending on proximity to a distribution center. 

Custom-designed orders typically ship within 12 business days, so long as you approve the final mock-up. 

Final Thoughts

Canvas tote bags are one mindful, stylish accessory. All materials — from cotton to polyester — offer reusability and function as the ultimate carryall. We build our totes to last, and they look good on everyone. 

You can customize your own, giving clients and colleagues alike a convenient gift that happens to show off your brand. If you have any further questions or would like to request a quote, reach out at any time.