52% of event guests are more likely to enter a stall if some kind of gift is on offer. After all, it's one of the top reasons people enjoy going to corporate events. 

So let's face it. You're not going to be the only one there with free stuff. 

That said, attendees are going to need something to carry all those giveaways in. Our question is, why shouldn't it be promotional bags with your company logo they're using? 

The best part about promo bags is that people carrying them become brand ambassadors without even realizing it.

Not convinced that bags are the right answer for your promo swag? Keep reading and you will be. 

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Custom Promotional Bags Are Reusable

Promotional tote bags are reusable for both your event attendees and your business.  

For Them

A well-designed bag will see years of use after it leaves a convention. They're great for shopping, sleepovers and a ton of other things. 

If you choose a long-lasting bag that's appealing to your customers, they'll continue using it for years to come and think of you fondly when they do. 

To help ensure your bag gets used during after your convention, select one that's attractive, durable and easy to use. Tote bags are a perfect option for this. They're easy to stuff, comfortable to carry and have a simple, eye-appealing design. 

For the Business

Sometimes you leave a conference with as much of your swag as the event-goers. If your custom bags have an evergreen design, that's not a bad thing.

An evergreen design doesn't become outdated over time. Instead, it's always relevant. This means you can continue using them when you get back to home base. 

Simple designs with a clear brand that don't have large amounts of text are less likely to become outdated. Use elements that already exist like your company's mascot, slogan or logo so it's easily recognizable. This will make it easier to turn what's left into merch bags or use them in limited-time promos.

You could also stuff the bags with coupons and surprise loyal customers. Whatever you do, use those leftover bags to keep spreading your message even after the event ends. 

They're Cheap and Easy to Customize

Custom tote bags are both inexpensive and easily customized. The bags themselves can cost anywhere from a few cents each to $20 a pop depending on the quality and how many you buy at a time.

For an extra fee, you can personalize your bags with screen printing or digital printing. Screen printing is less expensive and for straightforward designs with five or fewer colors. Digital printing is more costly but offers high-quality, complex prints like digital photos.

In both cases, the cost per print goes down the more you buy at once.

Custom canvas tote bags are ideal for printing and, if you prefer, you can even do the job yourself. The DIY aspect is perfect for small events with a fixed guest list. You'll be able to personalize a bag for each attendee without breaking the bank. 

They Say Thank You

You can't beat promotional bags with a logo for saying thank you.

You can give away more expensive custom bags with a minimum donation. You can also use them to thank partners and vendors to help build strong relationships.

Consider people, groups and companies who have:

  • Partnered with you to make your campaign or event successful
  • Written posts promoting your function
  • Donated to make your affair possible

When creating branded thank you bags, avoid making your logos too prominent. Thank you bags are more about building a relationship and less about advertising. 

They Let You Be Creative

Promotional drawstring bags and branded totes make it easy for you to get creative. There's such a wide array of styles to choose from, you can always find something to match the theme of the assembly.

If you're at a wedding convention, try something elegant with a small, tasteful logo on the outside. Attending a Comicon? Use bright colors that mimic popular superhero costumes. 

If you tailor your bags to the attending demographic, people are less likely to throw them out and more likely to use them. 

They Break the Ice

Giving a gift like promotional duffle bags at an event invokes the law of reciprocity. In marketing, this means that if you give someone something, they are more likely to give you their business in return.

When people attend tradeshows, 71% of the ones who receive a promo gift remember the name of the company that gave it to them. 76% of gift recipients have a favorable opinion of that company.

Additionally, giving someone a freebie gives you the chance to start up a conversation with them when you might not have otherwise been able to do so. After all, a professional relationship of many years starts with a single word... or gift. 

They're Effective Advertising

People don't often throw out custom gift bags. They keep using them over and over again.

They'll take them to the supermarket, work and on vacation. They'll send their kids to school with them. They'll even give them to friends and share their experiences with others.

When you run a TV, radio or internet ad, you stop generating impressions when the campaign ends. Not so with promotional items. They stick around and continue working for you. No other type of promotion is that effective or cost-efficient. 

Custom bags produce more leads than all other promo items with an average of 5,732 impressions per bag

One of the best ways to build brand recognition is through repeated exposure. When customers see a logo over and over again it becomes ingrained into their mind. When it comes time to buy your product, your company is more likely to be the first one that comes to mind. 

Ready to Bag It Up? 

With BagzDepot, finding the perfect promotional bags for your event has never been easier. Our selection includes more than 1,000 different wholesale bags and totes. From custom backpacks to personalized fanny packs and everything between. 

If you have any questions about our bags or printing options, please feel free to contact us anytime

We look forward to helping you make your business event memorable. 

Written by Bagz Depot — December 31, 2019

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