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Are you looking for a new and effective brand marketing strategy? Have you considered branded tote bags?

Here's why you should. Studies show that branded tote bags earn more advertising impressions than any other kind of promotional products.

Want one more reason? 50% of people say they have at least one promotional product they routinely carry or wear throughout the day.

Imagine if that promotional product they use every day was your branded tote bag. Think of all the exposure it would create, not just for them, but for everyone who passes by.

Ready to learn more? Here are 5 reasons why branded tote bags are essential to any brand marketing strategy.

1. Practical & Useful

We all have a lot of "stuff" to carry around. Think about going to the gym, taking the kids to the beach, or going shopping at the grocery store.

What do those events have in common? The need for a bag to carry everything. This is why most of us amass a collection of tote bags over time—we actually need and use them.

Not only is the owner of the bag reminded of your brand every time they use it, but they also become a walking billboard when they go out. Think of how many people could potentially come in contact with that tote bag on a daily basis!

2. Long Shelf Life

Ballpoint pens and similar promotional items are often discarded as quickly as they're picked up.

This isn't the case with customized tote bags. The average shelf life for this type of product is 8 months, and 2 in 3 people will pass it along to someone else rather than throw it out.

This means your promotional tote bag could last for years and circulate through many households.

Custom Tote Bags in Bulk

3. Low-Cost Marketing Tool

Premium promotional items often come at a premium price, and there's no guarantee the customer will ever use it.

Contrast that with a tote bag they're sure to use often, where prices start as low as a few dollars per item. When you consider how long that tote bag is likely to be around, that's a marketing investment that's well worth it!

4. Relevant & Gender Neutral

Some marketing tools will only resonate with a certain demographic. If you want your product to have wide, universal appeal, a tote bag is the way to go.

Tote bags cross all economic and social barriers. They're used by men and women of all ages and all backgrounds. It's hard to find another item that's so relevant for daily living.

5. Natural Visual Cue

How many times a day do you glance at a sign, a T-shirt, or a bumper sticker? It's human nature to look for visual cues that interest us or help us make decisions.

You can harness that natural inclination by giving the world something to look at—your brand on a tote bag. Because they're highly portable, visual, and functional, they're an excellent addition to any market strategy.

Wholesale Custom Tote Bags

Brand Marketing with Tote Bags: Final Thoughts

What is marketing strategy? It's getting your product in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Branded tote bags are an affordable and effective way to do just that. They're universally used and loved and—unlike a cheap ballpoint pen—will last for years to come.

Are you ready to take your brand marketing strategy to the next level? Would you like to create an attractive branded tote bag for your business?

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