Are you looking to save time and money creating a unique and thoughtful gift or promotional product? Look no further than fun and functional canvas tote bags!

Canvas tote bags alone make great gifts, but why not add a personal touch with iron-on images? Not only are they easy to use, but they create a unique and memorable bag unlike any other.

Keep reading to learn how to iron images onto canvas tote bags and tips for choosing beautiful, personalized designs.

iron on canvas tote bags

Select a Quality Canvas Tote Bag

To guarantee your personalized gift withstands the test of time, you need a quality tote bag. Canvas tote bags work best as they're made from durable material and work well with most iron-on images.

If you're looking to save a few more bucks or are planning to make several gifts at once, order your canvas tote bags in bulk. This makes assembly quick, easy, and affordable. 

Depending on the type of image you plan to use, choose a color for your tote bag. Blank canvas bags come in a variety of colors, but a light one works best for colorful iron-on patches. 

Once you receive your bags, immediately iron out any creases. You want the bags to be crips, clean, and flat before ironing on your desired image. 

Choose and Design Your Image

You can choose your iron-on image either before or after you select the canvas tote bag. Just be sure that the colors work well together and the image is visible.

There's really no end to the number of images you can iron onto canvas tote bags. From phrases, names, and inspirational quotes to pictures of animals, nature, and everything in between! 

You can print your own images from a computer using an iron-transfer paper. Design programs like Photoshop and Illustrator are perfect for this!

Be sure to flip the design and lettering before printing. This creates a mirror image and ensures that your design and wording are correctly displayed.

You can also order iron transfers online. Be sure to read all the directions carefully. Some images require you to heat the canvas tote bag before applying it while others have strict rules against using your iron's steam setting.

To avoid ruining the bag, the iron-on image, or both, read the directions carefully before starting.

Heat Up Your Iron

The transfer image you choose will determine what setting to heat your iron on. 

Carefully position and place the image face down on the canvas bag. Make sure it's centered exactly where you want it before applying heat. It's best to work on a hard, flat surface to prevent wrinkles in the bag or transfer paper.

Press the iron down on top of the image for approximately three minutes. Apply steady, firm pressure.

Don't move the iron back and forth over the image. Instead, lift it and move it to the next section before pressing down again. 

Press and Cool

Once you're satisfied with the image position and you've applied heat evenly, remove the iron and let the bag and image cool.

Don't remove the paper backing until the image is completely cool. Doing so beforehand could prevent parts of the image from sticking properly to the canvas.

Once the surface is completely cool, slowly remove the paper backing and voila! You have a beautiful, unique, and functional gift. 

The Perfect DIY Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas tote bags are fun, functional, and versatile. Using iron-on images, you can design unique tote bags for clients, customers, and personalized gifts for friends and family. There are also so many other DIY techniques you can use on your canvas bags as well!

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Written by Bagz Depot — December 26, 2019

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