Do you love adding your own creative flair to clothes and accessories? 

Not only are canvas tote bags fun and functional, but they're easy to customize. With a little creativity and these DIY dying tips, you can add a pop of color and personality to your favorite bag.

Whether you're dying canvas bags for personal use or creating eye-catching promotional products, keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

Grab your favorite color dye and let's get started!

dye canvas tote bags

Collect Your Supplies

Before you start, choose the right canvas tote bag for your needs. Customizing a bunch of tote bags at once? Try purchasing wholesale tote bags to save money.

Select a light color that easily absorbs color.

Other supplies include a dye kit, saran wrap, plastic bags, paper towels, gloves, rubber bands, a cookie sheet, and a cooling rack. 

Set up your supplies in a large area with a tile floor and sink nearby to cut down on the mess. You can also cover the floor beneath your workspace with old sheets, towels, or newspapers.

Another important step is to wash, dry, and iron the canvas bags before beginning. Many bags have a coating on them that prevents the dye from absorbing properly. 

Set Up Your Workspace

Now that you've collected your items, it's time to get to work!

Open up the dye kit and remove the bottles. Most kits come with several bottles and colors, especially if you choose a tie-dye design (more on this later).

Each bottle contains a small capsule of color. Fill each bottle with the recommended amount of water and shake vigorously. Use gloves for this process to avoid staining your hands.

It's also recommended you wear an apron, smock, or work clothes in case of accidental stains. 

Choose Your Design

Before you place any colored dye on your blank tote bag, you need to choose your design. The most common design option is tie-dye.

Not only is it funky and fun, but it's also fool-proof. Regardless of your dying experience, tie-dye is simple for all ages

Pull the bag tight until one corner makes the shape of an arrow. Next, create different sections of the bag using rubber bands.

Carefully squeeze your desired colors onto each section, letting excess dye drip onto the covered surface. You can also work over a sink, allowing the dye to go directly down the drain. 

Once all the sections are colored, place the tote bag into a large plastic bag and seal it. Let it sit for 8-10 hours before removing the tote bag and rinsing it with water. 

Wash and dry the bag separate from all other laundry items before ironing it. Your customized tote bag is now ready to use or give as a gift!

custom canvas tote bags

Have Fun Customizing Tote Bags

Whether you're creating a unique gift, or a personal or promotional item, dying canvas tote bags is fun and easy! 

Be sure to properly prepare your workspace and cover your clothes, hands, and surfaces.

The fun part is choosing the perfect design and color scheme.

You can have fun with drawstring backpacks and fanny packs, too! Don't limit yourself.

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