Guide to Eco Friendly Bags & Reusable Shopping Bags

For decades, we have been using plastic bags with handles to haul our groceries, garbage, clothing, and just about everything under the sun. The problem is, plastic bags are not equal eco-friendly bags--in fact, they are extremely bad for our environment.

The good news is, there are several eco friendly alternatives to plastic bags that are far more environmentally friendly, and you can use them repeatedly for shopping, storage, even carrying your lunch to school or work. The question is, what makes a good eco-friendly bags? With more states banning single-use plastic grocery and shopping bags, the conversation naturally drifted toward finding new alternatives, such as cloth, canvas, cotton, poly bags, and many others.

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What Are Eco Friendly Bags Made Of?

Eco-friendly bags are made from a diverse variety of materials, each of which is produced from sustainable fibers. No matter which of the various materials makes an excellent eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Whether you are looking for the best eco-friendly lunch bags, eco-friendly reusable grocery bags, or custom printed eco-friendly bags your choices are as varied as the different styles and sizes of bags you have to choose from. Cotton and canvas are both excellent eco friendly materials. 

Cotton is an Excellent Material for Eco Friendly Bags

Cotton has been grown around the world for centuries. It is fully sustainable raw fiber made from the cotton bolls after they have reached maturity. Once woven into cloth, cotton can be used to make eco-friendly cotton bags that can be used to carry groceries, pack your overnight clothes in for business trips, or simply carry your work or school items in. It is durable, easy to keep clean by tossing it in the washing machine and can be easily printed on.

Canvas Tote Bags Are Built to Last

Eco friendly canvas tote bags start out as cotton fibers that are woven into what is known as a "plain weave" instead of the "twill weave" used to make cotton sheets. In the annals of history, hemp was the chosen material to make the canvas used to make sails, clothing, bags, and more. Today cotton is the material of choice to make eco-friendly reusable grocery bags. Canvas is stronger than cotton, more durable, and a much better choice for bags that are going to be used to carry heavier loads.

Jute Bags are Biodegradable

Eco friendly jute bags are very sturdy and will provide you with many years of reliable service. The fibers are harvested from cultivated jute plants a renewable resource grown in areas where the rainfall is significant. This crop requires virtually nothing in the way of irrigation (the rains take care of this) or pesticides as the plants are naturally pest-resistant. We offer eco friendly jute bags in a wide range of sizes from wine-bottle bags to tote bags, all of which can be printed with your company logo, making them a very useful advertising medium.

jute burlap wine bag with dividers

Cotton Shopping Bags Are Very Popular

Today, more shopping bags than ever are being made from a range of eco-friendly materials such as cotton, organic cotton, hemp, jute, canvas, bamboo, and more. Each of these materials comes from a renewable resource that does not require pumping oil from the ground or destroying acre upon acre of our precious forests.

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So Many Choices When It Comes to Eco Friendly Bags

Today, more than ever we need to find alternatives to plastic bags, we need things like:

Cotton Makes Great Eco Friendly Tote Bags

Cotton tote bags come in an amazing array of sizes, shapes, colors, thicknesses. Many companies now use them for advertising by having their logos printed on the sides. Cotton, organic cotton, and recycled cotton are one of the first materials people tend to think of when you ask them to define eco-friendly materials. It is strong enough to carry heavy loads, durable enough to last for many years, and when your cotton bags finally wear out, they can be composted or recycled.

organic cotton reusable shopping bag

Cotton is Used to Make Canvas a Sturdy Material, Perfect for Eco Friendly Grocery Bags

Cotton can also be used in the creation of an eco friendly canvas messenger bag that can be machine washed, dyed in an incredible array of colors, and have your company logo printed on the side. Many people like the various forms of cotton for their eco-friendly carrier bags because the material is smooth and soft to the touch.

canvas messenger bag

However, these eco-friendly bags do require a small amount of care as they are not naturally water-resistant unless they are treated using the right chemicals. They must be washed in cold water and air-dried to reduce the risk of shrinkage. With proper care, our cotton eco-friendly bags can last for years, even with heavy use.

Eco Friendly Materials

No matter what type of reusable bags you use, there is one important thing to remember about eco-friendly retail shopping bags. No matter what type of reusable bag you choose, they are only environmentally sound if you use them every time you go shopping. In areas of the country where single-use poly bags are still in use people are often given the option of, "plastic or paper" by the cashier.

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There Are No Eco Friendly Plastic Bags

Here's the conundrum, while many people consider paper bags to be eco-friendly bags, they have their issues as well. While paper bags can be composted and will biodegrade in a short period of time, they, like many other paper products, come from trees that must be cut down. To be sure, many are made of recycled materials in a variety of percentages. But, at some point, a tree had to give its life to make the original paper.

Plastic bags come from petroleum, which like wood is a finite resource. Most are considered single-use bags and end up in landfills around the world. Plastic bags have a virtually limitless lifespan, meaning they will never biodegrade. 100 years from now these bags will still be intact and in our landfills.

Jute is an Exceptional Eco Friendly Material for Bags

Much like cotton, jute is a natural fiber plant also known as burlap or hessian. It is another of the many eco-friendly sustainable materials. Burlap has been used to make eco-friendly bags in all shapes and sizes for centuries. Jute burlap bags have been used to store rice, oats, barley, corn, and many other crops and foodstuffs.

jute burlap shopping bag

Jute is cultivated in much the same way as cotton and requires little to nothing in the way of pesticides. It typically grows in areas of high rainfall, requiring little in the way of irrigation, unlike cotton that requires a lot of water during its growth cycle. If you wonder why jute bags are eco-friendly, it could be the durability of the material or perhaps the fact you can compost it and it is biodegradable (you won't find eco-friendly bags made of jute in the landfills hundreds of years from now.

Jute Bags are Printable

Jute bags tend to have a rougher surface than cotton, which can make it a little more challenging when you are looking for custom printed eco-friendly bags. But our printing services can put your company logo or message on the side of any of the jute bags we sell. Jute is the perfect material to make cute eco-friendly gift bags, wine bottle gift bags, and of course shopping bags!

Not only is jute an excellent fiber to work with, it can be woven with other fibers to further enhance the looks and make it sturdier, but it is very easy to work with. This, in turn, helps to lower production costs which can be passed on to you in the form of lower prices. If you are looking to buy your eco-friendly tote bags wholesale and get a great low price, jute/burlap makes a great choice.

Eco Friendly Bags for Advertising

Cotton also offers the perfect material for custom printed eco-friendly bags that are an excellent form of advertising. Imagine the effect of giving each of your customers an eco-friendly lunch bag. Every time your customer sits down to lunch, they will be reminded of your company and the fact you use eco-friendly, fully sustainable materials instead of plastic or other man-made material.

canvas tote bag printed logo

The same goes for eco friendly tote bags, their larger size allows you to be more creative in what is printed on them further enhancing their ability to advertise your business. These bags can be used as eco friendly grocery bags that get carried in and out of stores where they are seen by any number of people, making them a superior form of low-cost advertising, especially when you buy your eco friendly grocery bags wholesale.

Pack Your Lunch in an Eco Friendly Lunch Bag

What do you pack your lunch in? Are you still using a ton of plastic bags, maybe an old plastic shopping bag to hold everything together when you put your lunch in the refrigerator at work? Why would you keep doing this when you can grab an eco-friendly lunch bag made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials such as cotton or better yet organic cotton, canvas (it's very durable), or jute? All these materials are natural fibers that come from plants, not petroleum. Not only are they a better way to pack your lunch, but you will be doing your part to protect the planet by not filling the landfills with plastics that will continue to pollute the planet for many generations to come.

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Promote Your Business with Eco Friendly Promo Bags

In today's world, you need to do everything you can to promote your business. For years businesses have been giving away promotional pens, pads, hats, coffee cups, calendars, you name it and it's probably been used as a promotional giveaway item.

large canvas tote bag printed logo

Canvas Messenger Bags Are Durable

An eco-friendly canvas messenger bag with your company name or logo is the perfect gift for the person on the go. Messenger bags are no longer just the realm of bicycle messengers in the bigger cities. These durable bags are perfect for carrying laptops, important documents, and more. You can print your company logo on the outside, making it visible to everyone who happens to see it. The more the person carrying it gets around, the more "free" advertising you get.

Jute Gift Bags Are Eco Friendly and Affordable

If you like to give your business associates, suppliers, buyers, and others you deal with gifts from time to time, why not put them in eco-friendly jute gift bags? They look great, are very cost-effective when you buy them in bulk, and the recipient will be able to their bags for a range of purposes after they've removed the gift from them.

mini gift bag jute

The main intent behind getting rid of single-use plastic grocery bags is to protect the planet. But, what if you could use eco-friendly grocery bags and tote bags to replace the plastic ones while at the same time advertising your business. Every time the user goes shopping, they advertise your business to anyone who sees the bag. You can save money by purchasing eco-friendly reusable shopping bags in bulk at wholesale prices. 

No matter what type of eco-friendly bags you need or what your preference in eco-friendly materials happens to be, you can find what you are looking for at BagzDepot at budget-friendly prices along with the screen-printing services you need to customize them with your business logo. Don't delay, shop BagzDepot today!

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Written by Bagz Depot — September 16, 2019

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