As you plan your perfect wedding, it's important to remember that your guests are going out of their way to be there. Whether they're paying for plane tickets, a hotel room, or just a nice dress, it's good to show that you appreciate their efforts.

Yes, you're footing the bill for their dinner and beverages for the evening. But how about giving something they can take home with them and enjoy after the party is over?

Wedding gift bags are a great way to show your appreciation in a fun, unique way!

Read on for our wedding gift bag ideas that are sure to wow your guests. Our first tip? Make the bag part of the gift with reusable burlap tote bags!

wedding gift bags

1. The Wedding Welcome Bag

Wedding welcome bags are great for destination weddings or weddings with a lot of guests coming from out of town. Ask the hotel if they'll help you out with this one by placing a bag in every room that your guests are staying in!

Provide your guests with a map to your venue and brochures to your favorite nearby attractions. Throw in a miniature bottle of champagne for the adults so they can get to toasting before the ceremony begins. Finally, add a note welcoming them and telling them how glad you are that they're there!

wedding gift bags

2. The Wedding Theme Bag

Tie in elements of your wedding's theme, colors, or design into your gift bag. Get customized labels that match your invitations and color scheme and use them on goodies like bottled water and bags of coffee beans. You can even customize the bag, itself!

If your theme is "tropical getaway," why not throw in a lei? If the theme is "romance," a nice candle or a string of twinkle lights will let your guests take some of the magic home with them. Get creative with this wedding gift bag idea. 

3. The Local Bag

Chances are, you and your future-betrothed picked the location of your wedding because it's significant to you. Show your love for your guests and your location with a bag full of local goodies!

Candies, jams, and small baked goods are great for wedding gift bags. Ask the local businesses if they offer small sample-sizes of their products. When they find out that you're spreading the word about their business to all of your guests, they'll be thrilled to work with you!

4. The Kid-Friendly Bag

Don't forget the kiddos on your guest list! Make special bags for the youngsters with candy and little games and toys. They'll love it and Mom and Dad will be grateful for the entertainment on the journey back home!

wedding gift bags

5. The Making Memories Bag

This is another wedding gift bag idea that should be given out before the wedding, rather than after. Put a disposable camera in each bag along with a small picture frame or photo album. 

Place the bags on a table near the entrance to your venue and encourage your guests to use their cameras throughout the day! Your professional photographer will be focused on you and your wedding party. Disposable cameras give all of your guests a chance to preserve their favorite memories of the night!

wedding gift bags

6. The Keep-the-Party-Goin' Bag

You may not be planning a full-blown after party, but that doesn't mean your guests won't want to end the night with a bang! Put together a wedding gift bag with some of your favorite booze, like a few cans of craft beer or miniature bottles of liquor.

For an extra touch, throw in a shot glass personalized with your wedding date!

7. The Favorite Things Bag

Is there a hobby or pastime you and your love share? Spread the joy by making a "favorite things" wedding gift bag! 

If you love cooking together, put together bags with your favorite recipe and a few of the key spices that go with it. If you both love to paint, fill your gift bags with paint sets and mini canvases. This is a chance to share your bliss and give your guests a taste of your lives together!

8. The Ultra-Personalized Bag

This wedding gift bag idea is both simple and cost-effective. However, it'll take a little more time and planning, since each bag will be totally unique!

Find a picture or two of you and the receiver of the bag. Have them printed on postcard stock or get them framed for your guest to display! Finally, handwrite a personal note to each person reminding them of your favorite memories with them and why you're so pleased that they could share this joyful day with you.

9. The Wedding Recovery Bag

If you're planning a reception that will go well into the night, why not give your guests the gift of a speedy recovery?

Include a few tablets of aspirin, some bottles of water, and an eye-mask that will reduce puffiness and tame undereye bags. Add a few treats that will help to right the body after a night of drinking, like pickles, nuts, or oranges. 

wedding gift bags

10. The Relaxation Bag

Jet lag or no jet lag, it can be hard to go back to reality after a fun wedding weekend! Put together a gift bag that will help your guests unwind after they make the journey home.

Include candles, bath salts, or essential oils in fragrances that aid in relaxation, like lavender or vanilla. Add some herbal tea bags and a face mask and you've put together an incredibly soothing evening for your guests!

Wedding Gift Bag Ideas That Keep on Giving

When you're coming up with wedding gift bag ideas, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. That's why reusable bags are the way to go. The goodies may run out, but the bag will still be there for years to come, reminding your guests of the wonderful time they had at your wedding!

At BagzDepot, we prioritize your satisfaction because we know how hard event planning can be! If you have questions about your wedding totes, contact us today. We're available to help you 24/7!

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Written by Bagz Depot — November 11, 2019

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