Plastic bags are currently wrapping around turtle’s necks, blocking crucial waterways, and adding to the mountain of waste that we are currently dealing with. It’s very obvious that if you reuse a tote bag, just a few times, you could end up saving a life. Plastic bags are the second-most collected type of waste when it comes to coastal clean-up, and a lot of animals choke and die slowly as a result as they are unable to digest other foods. Plastics in aggregate find their way into the ocean every single day and this does a monumental amount of damage to the marine ecosystem. Macro-levels reflect this too. The global tote bag industry is expected to grow at a very significant rate, between the years 2017 and 2024. The plastic bag industry is only expected to grow very slightly as global trends have shown that the demand for tote bags is now higher than ever. A lot of this is being driven by general environmental awareness. For businesses that are concerned with the overall risk or threat to aquatic life, using wholesale tote bags can be a fantastic way for you to curb the amount of pollution that your company produces.

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