Did you know that plastic-based fabrics are polluting our oceans?

Just by washing fabrics like polyester and nylon, plastic is released into the water systems that lead to the ocean. These microplastics are then eaten by all kinds of marine animals and will stay in the ecosystem forever. It's scary stuff!

Luckily, there are ways you can fight the plastic problem, and one of them is by switching to organic cotton. With tons of eco-friendly benefits, making the switch is a no-brainer!

To find out more, here are the top 5 benefits of switching to organic cotton. 

1. No Toxic Chemicals

Non-organic materials are full of harmful chemicals, including pesticides. Not only do these seep into the surrounding environments, polluting land and water, they also stay on your clothes long after they're made. When you wear your clothes, these chemicals are transferred to your skin, causing rashes and other skin conditions. 

But, by switching to organic cotton clothing and accessories, like our organic cotton totes, you can ditch these chemicals. You'll be living a safer, more eco-friendly life instantly!

2. Reduce Energy Use

It might surprise you to hear that organic cotton actually takes less energy to grow than regular cotton. In fact, one study found it used 62% less energy! As we all know, the energy we're using is contributing to global warming, so by switching to organic cotton you can help save our planet for years to come. 

3. Reduce Water Use

Organic cotton also uses much less water than regular cotton and rainwater is used rather than irrigation. Water use in fabric production is a huge problem, causing issues for the people and animals around the farms and factories. By switching to organic cotton canvas, you can help reduce this problem and make production fairer for everyone. 

4. Promote Safer and Fairer Work

By cutting out the nasty chemicals and vast water use, organic cotton is much better to grow for the farmers. They won't be exposed to harmful pesticides and insecticides, and those same toxins won't run into their water and pollute their land.

By opting for an organic cotton bag or t-shirt the next time you shop, you'll be helping farmers halfway around the world to create a better life for themselves and their families. 

5. Protect Our Food Systems

While we don't eat the cotton that's grown to make our clothes, we do use the seeds to create cottonseed oil, which is used in everything from chips to cookies. But non-organic cotton is usually made with GMO seeds, which no one wants in the food system! By switching to organic, you can promote the use of organic cotton seeds for a healthier life for everyone.

What About an Organic Cotton Bag?

Made from organic cotton twill, our tote bags are the perfect, eco-friendly addition to your wardrobe! They come in a range of styles, from drawstring bags to black totes, and all are 100% organic cotton. Contact us today to learn more!