62% of Americans prefer receiving gifts with a personal touch. Personalized items tap into our sentimental side and make us feel more seen by the gifter.

Personalized items might include jewelry, t-shirts, mugs, or something handmade. Sure, these items will get used, but are they practical items the recipient will use every day? Probably not.

If you're looking for a personalized gift that is both special and functional, look no further than a tote bag. Here is a closer look at why personalized tote bags make the perfect gifts.

They're Multifunctional

Printed tote bags are used in various ways, making them a practical gift for everyone. Here are some of the unique ways you can use a canvas bag.

Purse/Backpack Upgrade

Purses are out; canvas bags are in. Wearing a canvas bag as a purse is a fun, comfortable, and stylish way to carry around your necessities.

The size and shape of these bags are better suited to carry around large items, like notebooks or planners. This upgrade would be a thoughtful gift for a college student who needs to carry their books but doesn't want to use a backpack.

Beach Bag

If you know someone who lives near the beach or is planning a trip to the beach, a tote bag makes the perfect gift. They're spacious enough to fit go-to beach items and help accessorize any beach look.


Canvas bags work well as homes storage solutions. They work well for closet organization, holding tools, or craft storage.

Grocery Bags

These bags are easy to fold up and store in the car for reusable bags to take grocery shopping. They're sturdy, easy to carry and hold more than the average plastic shopping bag.


For the frequent traveler, a tote bag can be a lifesaver. For flying, tote bags are a smart personal item that allows you to bring more on the plane with you. While traveling, the bag's versatility will lower your packing list and lighten your luggage. Tote bags can double as a gym bag, beach bag, purse, or grocery bag.

Fashion Statement

If you have a fashionista in your life, printed tote bags are a statement accessory piece to add to their wardrobe. Choose a design based on their personal style. It's something you're sure to see them wearing again and again.

You Can Make Them Special

One of the best parts about buying custom canvas tote bags as gifts is that you can make them special. Most people prefer a gift that feels meaningful over an expensive gadget.

Personalized tote bags can be designed with an inside joke, favorite quote, custom images, photos, pet portraits, or their favorite things. You can even choose one in their favorite color!

Cost-Effective Option for Bulk Gifts

If you have to shop for more than one person, consider custom printed bags. They are a cost-effective option you can buy in bulk. A tote bag will please everyone, save money, add a personal touch, and are simple large-scale gift ideas.

Employee Gifts

Logo printed bags are an excellent option to give your employees. They are great gifts for special occasions, holidays, company milestones, or events.

Gifting logo tote bags to your employees is a win-win. It will make your employees feel valued and spread the word about your company.


If you're planning an event and want to include gift bags, canvas totes provide a simple solution. Gift them at reunions, create custom promotional tote bags for networking events or trade shows, or use them as a base for gift bags at a fundraiser.

Party Favors

Custom canvas bags are a party favor your guests will love. They're a stylish option that will please the whole crowd whether you're planning a birthday party or a wedding. 

They're Compact

Tote bags are a gift that people will use but won't take up extra space in their homes. When they aren't in use, they're simple to fold up and store in a drawer, car, or closet until they're needed again.

You Can Use Them as the Gift Bag

For an extra special gift, you can use custom tote bags instead of standard gift bags and fill them with more gift items. Skipping the gift bags in favor of canvas bags helps the environment, gives your giftee something practical for everyday use, and acts as an exciting base for your other gifts.  


Canvas bags are a durable alternative to paper and plastic bags. They hold more weight, are less susceptible to tears and are easier to carry without worrying about tears.

Environmentally Friendly

An eco-conscious friend will love receiving a tote bag as a gift. These bags are environmentally friendly for many reasons. Switching to tote bags helps by:

  • Reducing litter
  • Reducing water use
  • Having several uses
  • Lowering the use of plastic bags
  • Lasting a long time
  • Protecting wildlife
  • Using chemical-free materials

Gifting a canvas tote will show you care and support the cause to improve the environment. 

Personalized Tote Bags Make Perfect Gifts

Next time you're shopping for the perfect gift, look no further than personalized tote bags. Tote bags are multifunctional, easy to buy in bulk, meaningful, and better for the environment. Your gift recipient is sure to use theirs for years to come!

At BagzDepot, we offer a wide selection of tote bags to get you started. Shop our selection of custom printed bags to begin planning your next gift.