Promoting a business by sharing with others is always an excellent idea. Not only can you use your resources to brighten people's lives, but you can leave a good impression with potential customers.

Promotional bags are the secret to doing this. Whatever goodies you use to fill them, you're doing good while spreading the word about your business and what you do.

Here, we'll share seven ideas for using promotional bags with logos to boost your business's reputation.

custom promotional bags

1. Giveaways at Local Events

Buying a ticket to a local fundraiser or other event is always more fun when it comes with a little something extra. What about reusable promotional tote bags with fun snacks, knick-knacks, and literature form local merchant sponsors?

2. Welcome to School Bags

Young children can be nervous about going back to school or going for the first time. Why not ease their worries by giving their teachers backpacks to hand out. Fill them with exciting gifts that will start attention-absorbing conversations or show and tell.

3. Eco Swag Promotional Bags

Does your community have recycling events for electronics or toxic waste collections? Why not ask a local business to sponsor "eco-swag bags" for attendees filled with literature and sustainable gifts?

4. Essentials Bags for Homeless People

How about fanny packs with sample-sized toiletries for homeless people? They could use the samples in public showers, and the fanny pack would be suitable for carrying money, personal items, etc.

5. "Smile" Bags for Sick Kids

No kid should have to spend a long time in the hospital, but for those who do, let's put smiles on their faces! 

Your business sponsors' colorful promotional drawstring bags your business sponsors should be emblazoned with a smiley face and your logo. These should contain lots of fun toys (no food, though, please).

6. Activity Bags for Nursing Home Residents

Many nursing home residents have active minds but don't get around too well. Why not fill tote bags with some of the latest magazines, bestselling books, games, and puzzles of various kinds? Give a variety of items so they can share them.

7. Public Health Awareness Bags

This bag is a cultural necessity. You should fill this one with lots of engaging, easy-to-read pamphlets about staying well and not spreading dangerous germs.

Choose clear promotional plastic bags that let people see what's inside (so they'll want theirs too). Be sure to include helpful supplies. These bags are a great idea for outdoor events!

Promote Your Business and Help Others

Everyone needs bags. So, why not offer promotional bags to address specific groups and their needs? Fill these bags with swag that serves a real purpose that's relevant to the group for which you're creating these gift bags.

In the process, you'll be promoting your business in a way that reminds people of the values that underlie it. Who knows—you might be so successful at this that soon you'll need a promotional bag holder for all your promotional bags!

When it comes to promotional bags—whatever the use they're filling or the cause they're serving—please think of us and our selection of quality bags and other items. You won't regret it!