Not sure what to provide as a prize for your company's upcoming giveaway? Consider buying custom canvas bags! Learn more about the benefits of these giveaway items below.

They Provide Free Advertising

Customers carrying around your company's custom printed bags are basically walking billboards. They'll navigate the local area with your company's logo in tow, and they won't even think twice about it. 

Not many giveaway gifts double as free advertising quite like canvas tote sacks do. For example, food is gone within minutes. And gifts like blankets or pillows will live at your customers' homes instead of out on the town.

They're Useful

We've all been to a marketing event where a company gives out pens or beach balls stamped with its logo. While these gifts have good intentions, they're not the most effective. Customers can lose a pen within minutes of getting it, and a beach ball doesn't receive a lot of everyday use. 

On the other hand, your customers will hang onto canvas tote bags for life because of their practicality. They can use their canvas bags to carry groceries or bring them to work to ensure they have all their belongings on hand.

They're Cost-Effective

It's easy and cost-effective to order canvas tote sacks in bulk. You can buy hundreds of bags at a time, often for as little as $3 apiece (and sometimes less, depending on the size and design you choose).

Once you order your canvas bags, you can customize them however you'd like to. Stamp on your company's logo or advertise an annual event to draw attention to it.

Consider Custom Printed Canvas Tote Bags for Your Next Giveaway

Ditch the boring, ineffective giveaway gifts. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and creativity that you'll provide with canvas tote sacks. Consider getting custom printed bags for your organization's next giveaway!