While fanny packs may not be something that you see often, they actually are becoming a huge trend in recent years. In fact, these accessories have made up about a full 25% of the fashion accessory industry's growth!

As a business, you likely are looking for new and unique promotional product concepts. If that's true, custom fanny packs are a marketing idea that's just fallen into your lap... no pun intended. Read on to learn why you should use these awesome customized bags to showcase your brand name, logo, and beyond.

Why Are Fanny Packs Awesome?

Fanny packs are small bags that you can fasten snugly around your waist. Their tiny size means that they're easy to keep track of and aren't too heavy for you to carry around. However, since fanny packs are known for having a plethora of hidden pockets, you can fit all of your most important essentials into one of these sacks.

They're really secure, which makes them ideal for those who like to travel a lot or use public transit. People are unlikely to be able to pickpocket someone with a fanny pack because they're so close to your person. Plus, since you'll have hidden your phone, credit card, license, face mask, and more in different pockets, they won't be accessible to those who don't know where they already are.

Not only are they a theft prevention measure, but fanny packs are also a convenience. They're a hands-free way to carry your wallet and other essentials with you so that you can use your hands for other things. This makes shopping, parties, daily excursions, and other movements stress-free since you won't be worried about losing your valuables.

Last but not least, fanny packs are a retro trend that is completely stylish in 2021. They make you look effortlessly cool and come in a ton of different styles. No matter what color or print you as a wearer like, there's a fanny pack out there that will look great on you.

How Can They Be Customized?

As you might imagine, fanny packs have become a unique and interesting way for businesses to get their brand names out there. After all, since people are wearing these bags more and more often, customizing them with brand information and handing them out to potential clients is a great way to ensure that your name, logo, and beyond are seen.

The first step towards customization is to select the style of the fanny pack that you want. You can purchase many different shapes and sizes ranging from large ovular ones to smaller boxy ones. You also can customize the material of your bag. Bagz Depot offers fanny packs in a multitude of fabrics including cotton, plastic, and leather.

Once you choose the bag that you want to customize, you have a few decisions to make. Having your brand information on the fanny pack is, of course, of the utmost importance. You can simply place your name and logo in a strategic position on the fanny pack so that those around the wearer can easily gain access to your information.

If you choose to go this route, make sure that you use your business' primary color as the background or choose a neutral hue. You don't want the bag's colors to clash and become an eyesore.

Also, make sure that your contact information is present. You want viewers to be able to reach out to you, after all! An email address and Twitter or Facebook handle is pretty memorable and is likely to get potential clients immediately interested. They can then go check out your page and see what you're all about.

What Other Design Options Do You Have?

Until a customer has extremely strong brand loyalty towards your business, they may be reluctant to wear something that has only your name and logo printed on it. After all, fanny packs are meant to be a retro fashion statement. Nothing puts a damper on someone's outfit like an obvious promotional product in place of an expressive personal accessory.

The trick, then, is to create a branded fanny pack that is appealing to new and old clients alike. The best way to do this is to make your brand information a bit more subtle and to create a pattern that receivers will be excited to pair with their outfit.

For example, a gray and yellow polka-dotted fanny pack is going to be super trendy in 2021. People might go to retailers to purchase these, but you can beat them to the punch and get your brand info out there in one fell swoop.

Make a fanny pack like this and put your information exclusively on the strap. Those around the wearer will see the strap and buckle while the wearer feels as though the bag is 100% expressive and gorgeous.

Polka dots are just one example of the custom designs that you can have. Vines, leaves, wavy patterns, and geometric shapes are a few other ideas. The sky truly is the limit here!

How Can You Distribute Your Fanny Packs?

So, once you get custom fanny packs, how can you distribute them?

Giving them to the employees that work for your company is a no-brainer. If they like their jobs and want to showcase the place that they work (or if they just like your boss design), they're likely to wear them out and about. They may even bring them to the workplace to hold pens, post-its, and more.

You also will want to give them to old, loyal clients. This is where you can get away with the simpler designs that have a larger brand name/logo/contact information at the center of the fanny pack. Most of these customers care for your business and are happy to work with (and advertise for) you.

New and prospective clients can be given fanny packs at trade shows and conventions. This is ideal because they'll have a place to put other, more boring promo products that they'd be stuck carrying around. You also can mail them directly to businesses that you want to work with for some solid B2B marketing.

Get Custom Fanny Packs ASAP

Now that you know why custom fanny packs are trending in 2021, it's time to get cracking! Contact us with any remaining questions that you may have about our wholesale bags. We offer totes, cotton bags, and grocery sacks in addition to awesome fanny packs so that you can get personalized bags for any occasion.

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