One year ago, face masks were only worn by doctors, bank robbers, and superheroes. This is certainly not the case anymore! All members of the general public are now encouraged and in some cases, required to wear a face mask.  

Millions of Americans went from never wearing a face mask to wearing one every day. To meet this new demand for masks, there are countless options to choose from. Read on to learn why you should be wearing a 3-ply face mask.  

What Is a 3-ply Face mask?

A 3-ply face consists of three layers to help protect both yourself and others.

The outer layer repels all types of fluids such as blood and water.  The middle layer keeps germs and small particles from either entering or exiting the mask. The soft inside layer absorbs the moisture and particles that you are breathing out. 

Comparing the Competition 

The CDC recommends that masks have two or more breathable layers. As mentioned previously, a 3-ply mask has 3 layers!

There are many mask options available that only offer a single layer of protection.  These include neck gaiters, face shields, masks with an exhalation vent, and even some cloth masks.   

Researchers at Duke University recently tested the effectiveness of the 14 different types of face coverings. They tested each mask to see how well they blocked the transmission of respiratory particles into the air.    

Of the masks widely available for public use, the 3-ply face mask performed the best. They found the least effective face masks to be neck gaiters, bandanas, and knitted masks.  

Using a 3-Ply Face Mask

A face mask is not effective if it isn't worn properly.  The CDC offers some great tips about mask-wearing on their website. Remember that face masks should fit snugly while completely covering booth your nose and mouth. 

You should not wash or reuse a 3-ply face mask.  Prolonged exposure to moisture will begin to damage the filtering layers of the mask.  For the most effectiveness, you should not wear your 3-ply mask for more than 8 hours.  

Cost and Convivence 

For once, you don't have to break the bank to get the best.  You can purchase 3-ply masks for much less than the cost of other face coverings.   This 3-ply facemask that comes with fabric ear loops combines comfort and effectiveness for a great price!  

For even greater savings, buy in bulk! This 2000-count package of 3-ply face masks will ensure that that you have plenty of masks available at your school or business.

Unlike other masks, you can conveniently throw a 3-ply mask away when you're done with it.  You don't have to keep track of where you put it after you finish wearing it. 

You don't have to spend your valuable time washing your mask every night to get ready for the next day. 

Mask Up

If you want to do the best job of protecting both yourself and others, you should be wearing a 3-ply face mask.  We have lots of great 3-ply face masks available, so check them out today!