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Top 5 Things You Can Do With Canvas Tote Bags

Did you know that Americans use a whopping 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually and that 12 million barrels of oil are needed to manufacture that many plastic bags? 

No matter how you look at it, that's a lot of plastic bags. This is one reason why canvas tote bags have become so popular. Rather than using plastic bags once and then tossing them, people can use and reuse canvas tote bags.

Are you wondering about what ways you can put them to good use? One thing's for certain -- they're not just for loading your groceries into.

Keep reading to learn about five things you can do with canvas tote bags. You probably won't ever look at them quite the same again.

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Everything You Need To Know About Die Cut Handle Bags

Imagine you've just finished ringing up an order at the register and bagging the items. You hand the bag to the customer and thank them for coming. You hope you've sealed the deal, but the cheap plastic bag rips open, sending everything spilling to the ground.

It's every customer's and retailer's worst nightmare. You want to be memorable, but not like this. What you bag your merchandise in is just as important, if not more, than what you're selling.

Using flimsy, cheap bags that break can reflect poorly on your business image. That's why you need Die Cut Handle Bags.

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Your Complete Guide to Kraft Paper Bags

Perhaps Freulein Maria said it best in The Sound of Music: "Brown paper packages tied up with strings - These are a few of my favorite things!" 

There is something elegant and nostalgic about kraft paper bags. They are simple, they are sturdy, and they are an excellent way to spread the word about your brand!

Brown or white kraft paper bags range in size from the large grocery-sized bag to the tiniest takeout bag. Each one can feature your custom logo and tell the world everything they need to know about your business!

We recognize that a bag isn't just a gimmick, however. You need to trust that bag to keep your customer's product, groceries, or leftovers safe. Is buying kraft paper bags wholesale the best way to invest in your business?

If you need a little bit of help deciding, then this guide to the humble kraft paper bag is for you! Keep reading to learn about how custom kraft paper bags can inspire confidence in every customer! 

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How to Choose the Best Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas tote bags are all the rage today. They’re trendy, functional, lightweight, and affordable. What’s not to love?

Businesses also like using branded tote bags as swag. After all, 83% of consumers like receiving promotional products.

Whether you’re an individual or a company, consider learning how to pick tote bags with the highest return. Keep on reading to know how to choose what you need.

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5 Awesome Reasons to Use Custom Tote Bags to Promote Your Business

Are you preparing for an upcoming trade show or conference? Want to promote your business to new prospects and current customers? When you want to pique their interest, custom tote bags are ideal.

These inexpensive products can help you build brand loyalty, grow your network, and appeal to a wide number of people. They're lightweight, easy to transport, and perfect for filling with other types of swag. 

Today, we're sharing five awesome reasons to order some today. 

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How Can Canvas Tote Bags Take Your Etsy Shop to the Next Level?

Since fashion is self-expression and self-expression is freedom, it's easy to conclude that fashion- and the ability to be fashion-forward- is freeing. Expressing your tastes, likes, and interest via outfits can increase your confidence and self-esteem.

If you run an Etsy store for apparel or other unique curiosities, you can't underestimate the impact of selling custom accessories. Canvas tote bags are one of the best. Read on to learn why selling these totes can help you to boost the visibility of your small Etsy business.

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