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One of the best things about reusable canvas tote bags is that they are a blank canvas for you to DIY your heart out.

It’s so easy to make your tote bag completely your own, and you don’t have be Picasso to make it look like a masterpiece.

There are endless ways to decorate your canvas shopping bags and BagzDepot has a bag for any event. DIY can be fun to do either by yourself or with your family, maybe even throw a DIY party.

Here are our top 10 ways to DIY your plain canvas tote bags.

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Promotional tote bags are a staple advertising tool for all types of businesses. They are cost efficient, relevant and stylish and more importantly effective.

BagzDepot makes it easy by selling wholesale promotional tote bags in bulk and offers custom screen printing before sending them out to you.

We went over the best ways to use promotional tote bags to market your business and now we’re going to help explain how and why they work. 

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In this blog post, we will talk about all the ways you are able to use to keep your canvas tote bag clean, and if it gets dirty; we will talk about how to clean your canvas tote bags as well.

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Custom Designing Tote Bags: Your Guide to Screen Printing, Heat Transfer & Embroidery

Personalized tote bags are perfect for promoting a business, using as party favors for a special event and an assortment of other purposes. With our custom screen printing services, it has never been easier to add words, photos or logos to promotional tote bags.

You can also personalize your bags at home with different methods of DIY heat transfer printing, hand-stitched embroidery and embroidered heat transfer patches.

Let's break down each method for creating printed bags so you can choose the right match for your personalized tote bags. 

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Available in an assortment of sizes and colors, canvas tote bags are the perfect solution for all your carrying needs.

Since tote bags can be used for so many different things, they're the ideal product for businesses to hand out at trade shows, conventions and special events as a promotional item.

Plus, tote bags can easily be customized with names, dates, events and images to make them stand out from the crowd.

The ways you can use tote bags are practically limitless, but we've narrowed the list to the top ten best uses for canvas tote bags. Here are our suggestions:

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