Perhaps Freulein Maria said it best in The Sound of Music: "Brown paper packages tied up with strings - These are a few of my favorite things!" 

There is something elegant and nostalgic about kraft paper bags. They are simple, they are sturdy, and they are an excellent way to spread the word about your brand!

Brown or white kraft paper bags range in size from the large grocery-sized bag to the tiniest takeout bag. Each one can feature your custom logo and tell the world everything they need to know about your business!

We recognize that a bag isn't just a gimmick, however. You need to trust that bag to keep your customer's product, groceries, or leftovers safe. Is buying kraft paper bags wholesale the best way to invest in your business?

If you need a little bit of help deciding, then this guide to the humble kraft paper bag is for you! Keep reading to learn about how custom kraft paper bags can inspire confidence in every customer! 

What Is Kraft Paper?

Have you ever carried your lunch to school in a paper sack, taken home leftovers in a simple brown bag, or packed up your produce in a brown grocery sack? If so, then you're already familiar with kraft paper. 

The word "kraft" has nothing to do with the function of the paper. It's a German word, meaning "strong." It describes the chemical process that manufacturers use to process pulpwood into paper. 

The paper begins as wood pulp, which is then treated with a special liquor that breaks down the chemical bonds. It is then pressed and rolled out into long sheets using a special device. From there, manufacturers can cut the paper and sell it by the roll, or manufacture it into your favorite carry out bags.

The process ensures that the bags are durable, with plenty of re-use potential. Their simplicity ensures that they are versatile and fit right in, regardless of the setting. All they are missing is your custom logo! 

The paper traditionally comes in two varieties: brown and white. White paper undergoes bleaching during the kraft process, while brown paper does not. 

Advantages of Kraft Paper

When it comes to bags, options range from die-cut handle bags to reusable totes. Why might someone choose brown kraft paper bags above the other options? 

Kraft Paper Is Eco-Friendly

There is no denying that single-use plastic is having a major impact on the environment and contributing to climate change. Many states have banned the use of plastic bags for exactly that reason. If you are dealing with a plastic ban or simply prefer the greener option, kraft paper bags are ideal.

What's the difference? Unlike plastic bags, manufacturers make kraft paper bags from sustainable organic materials - trees! They are paper, so they will break down at a considerably faster rate than bags made out of synthetic materials. 

If you choose brown kraft paper then you are offering your customers one of the most eco-friendly options on the market! Unbleached brown kraft paper is compostable, recyclable, and completely biodegradable. 

Because kraft paper is strong, customers can even reuse the bags.

Some kraft paper bags are even designed for reuse. Bagz Depot offers washable kraft paper tote bags, similar to reusable grocery totes. As a bonus, custom take out bags printed with your logo will serve to advertise your brand with each reuse! 

Kraft Paper Is Affordable

If you've done your research, you recognize that packaging products come in a wide range of prices. Kraft paper products are at the lower end of that range, making them one of the most affordable packaging products available. If you choose to invest in bulk kraft paper bags, you can be saving a lot of money.

Kraft paper bags are endlessly versatile and can serve several different functions. Think about all of the things you need to pack up for customers that would look great in a kraft paper bag! Kraft bags can convey leftovers, take-out orders, baked goods, or retail purchases - just to name a few uses. 

One affordable product can do the work of several. Consider purchasing wholesale kraft paper bags in a variety of sizes so you always have the packaging you need on hand! 

Kraft Paper Is Customizable

Don't think that you'll be sending your customers on their way with a simple paper lunch sack! The beauty of kraft paper bags is that they also serve as a canvas. They can be easily and affordably printed with your custom logo.

If you're looking for something with simple style, consider a bag with a twisted paper handle. The handle, just like the body of the bag, consists of 100% recycled materials. Even so, the handle lends the bag's silhouette a sophisticated look and makes it easier to carry. 

A customer is very likely to reuse an attractive, easy-to-carry bag, and that can help your business. Every time your customers reuse your bag, the world will see your custom logo. Great bags make great advertisements, and you don't need to do any of the hard work yourself! 

Change the Game With Kraft Paper Bags

What is sturdier, more eco-friendly, and as nostalgically simple as a stack of kraft paper bags? Whether you're packing up restaurant leftovers or keeping purchases safe, you should choose a bag that gets the job done. Kraft paper bags are the affordable option that will keep your logo front and center, even after your customers have passed through your doors!

Are you ready to invest in wholesale kraft paper bags for your business? Bagz Depot has a range of products that you can customize with your unique logo! Visit our online store today to get started designing your perfect kraft paper bags!