Let's start with some good news: fanny packs are back! Fanny packs are the perfect combination of functionality, style, comfort, and security. After hitting the mainstream in the 1980s, fanny packs have come roaring back in recent years, and—let's face it—we're all delighted.

Let's continue with the good news here: clients love custom fanny packs, and they make a wonderful marketing gift. As a promotion tool, custom fanny packs tick all the boxes. They are highly visible, long-lasting, affordable, and in-vogue (meaning they'll give your brand great exposure).

In this blog post, we'll love at reasons why your business clients will love a custom fanny pack.

Highly Functional

Whether you are going for a stroll in the park, hitting the town for a night of fun with friends, or attending a work conference, the fanny pack is the perfect accompaniment. Fanny packs are convenient to safely and conveniently store mobile phones, cash, keys, lipstick, and other essential items.

Rather than searching through your pockets or your handbag, a fanny pack provides easy access to your essential items went out and about. Given that fanny packs are securely clipped onto the person, there are no safety concerns to worry about.

Look Fashionable

Yes, it's true; fanny packs are back in style. Fanny packs are highly versatile and can be paired with various outfits, from gear wear to evening dresses. They're also completely unisex, meaning both men and women can wear them and match them to their style.

Fanny packs can be worn around the waist, which is traditional, or then can be worn over the shoulder or like a purse. Hey, just because it's called a fanny pack doesn't mean it has to be worn there!

Perfect for All Ages 

If your clients receive a custom fanny pack, there's a good chance that their children will be clamoring for one of their own. Fanny packs are perfect for all ages, and their small size makes them just as suitable for children and adults. They are perfect for bringing to school or parties with friends, and children will love the great design options.


Heading out of town for a business engagement? Don't want to carry a big bag? Just grab a fanny pack for your essential items, and you good to go.

Equally, if you are spending the day at a music festival, a sporting event, or a hike, a fanny pack is the perfect, travel-friendly accompaniment.

Custom Fanny Packs: The Absolute Best Client Gift You Can Give

As you can see, custom fanny packs make wonderful marketing gifts for clients. They are comfortable, stylish, convenient, and safe, and your clients will want to take them everywhere!

Here at Bagz Depot, we are the number one custom fanny pack manufacturer in the United States. We have a wide range of custom printed or blank fanny packs for you to choose as gifts for your clients. Contact our team today to learn more about how to customize your own fanny pack.