A simple pen, a T-shirt, or a drinks cup customized with a company logo. Who among us has not had such an item in our car, desk tidy, or purse? Of course, these things are all customized gifts and promotional products, and play a vital role in the marketing strategy used by large corporations, non-profits, and education and healthcare institutions alike.

In fact, such businesses have a very good reason for using promotional items in this way, including the high ROI, low CPI, and overall effectiveness of this strategy. Benefits, among others, you can find out more detail below. 

You can also get some specific examples of promotional products and how to use them in your business, and find out where to source custom corporate gifts as well. Keep reading for more. 

In-business benefits of branded items 

First of all, many people think only of the benefits that branded items have to their customers. Of course, this is a significant advantage, but it is not the only one. In fact, there are some additional benefits of branded items as well. The first of these being that they can be used within your business to help promote strong internal brand identity and a clear professional image. 

Additionally, another use for custom promotional products in house is to show your employees a little appreciation. In fact, research has shown that employees feel valued if given similar gifts to those that are handed out to potential customers. Primarily when provided as a reward for particularly good work or long service. 

Why use promotional items?

The primary use of branded and promotional items is, however, to foster a better relationship between current and potential customers. Happily, there are a whole range of ways that such promotional products can do this, as you can find out more about in-depth, in the sections below. 

Boosting Brand Recognition 

Perhaps the most apparent use for customized gifts is to boost brand recognition. In fact, custom promotional products are a double whammy for this purpose. The reason being that not only do they get your branding in front of the people you give your products to but the others in their life that see them as well. 

In fact, there is nothing better to get a customer thinking of your brand than to provide them with promotional products that they use in their everyday life. Either at home, work, or even in their car. Of course, if you can provide something of particular value either in cost or usefulness, you will only be reinforcing this process more. Something that makes it a very effective one, indeed. 

Good ROI

However, before you start engraving your brand's logo on diamonds and handing them out to your top customer, remember that value in terms of usefulness is a much better approach. In fact, providing valued custom printed gifts in this way can prove to be an excellent return on your business’s investment. Even more so that other popular marketing methods such as TV and radio advertising, and online marketing. 

The reason for this is because of the CPI or cost per impression is so low for custom printed items. After all, the person they are given to will see your branding again and again. Then there are the others in their life that it will reach as well. Therefore, the initial item cost is divided by a large number of impressions making this much lower than alternative forms, and so a better investment for your business. 


Another less well-known use for promotional items is to use them to help create a positive community around your product. Something that can occur both in real life, and most valuable online. 

In fact, such a community is often referred to as a brand’s superfans. These being folks can do a lot of marketing good for your business in particular, in a very organic and natural way. What we mean here is that superfans are so loyal to a specific brand. They will therefore talk up the brand online and in real life, acting as an unpaid, and so much more credible, ambassador for your company. 

Of course, to encourage superfans around your business, you must create a sense of identity and community around your brand. Additionally, fostering a passion in particular few that make up this type of fan base. 

Happily, offering such fans free promotional products helps to cement their identity and associated with a group. It can even show them they are seen as special to your business and are valued as such too. 

Additionally, such fans will often be so pleased to receive promotional items that they immediately go online and share their ‘haul’ with others in their community, and other related groups as well. Which, as I'm sure you have already worked out means some incredibly positive marketing and exposure for your brand too. 

Lifespan and usefulness of the promotional products

We have mentioned before that it is the usefulness of a product that can help to make it valued by a customer. Something that, in turn, can ensure that your branding message is received time and time again. 

In fact, there is a particular advantage to finding a product that a customer will value in this way, and that is it will be kept around for longer. Therefore providing more opportunities to make an impression on people. Of course, when you compare this to the fleeting lifespan of other forms of marketing such as PPC, or even a video advert the merits of promotional products become clear. 

Also related to this is the fact that custom corporate gifts are real-life physical items that you are giving to people. Something that they are likely to relate to in a much more positive way. Primarily because of the notion of value and usefulness that is noted above. After all, while a free how-to guide on the internet may be of great importance, a real-life item will often make a much more lasting and positive impression. Usually for a comparable or lower CPI. 

Finally, when it comes to the lifespan and usefulness of promotional products, it is wise to remember that recipients will pass on gifts that they cannot use themselves. Why is this such great news? Well, I'll tell you. It is of course, because it means that your branding message will then be available to that other person. Something that increases its reach and helps to boost the impressions it will get.

They can easily be combined with other forms of marketing 

Promotional products can also be effectively used in combination with other forms of marketing as well. Something that can be used to boost the efficacy of your entire market strategy. In fact, there are many ways of achieving this. Such as giving corporate gifts to sales representatives to use in their pitches, or as rewards for orders or referrals. 

Custom corporate gifts can also be used at events such as trade shows where your business needs to compare favourably with the competition. Oh, and speaking of competitions, including items in giveaways, often alongside other prizes, is a smart idea as well. 

To say thank you / create positive emotion

Emotions are powerful things, and as such, they play a crucial role in the client-business relationship. In fact, it is the emotional regard that your customers would for your business that is the foundation of the entire relationship you have with them. One that you will want to be as positive as possible if you are to continue to interact and sell to them. 

Of course, that is why corporate gifts are so important because they can help to establish this positive regard, even before a transaction has been carried out. They can also be used after the point of purchase to thank customers and reinforce their loyalty to your brand as well. Something that makes them a precious weapon in your arsenal of success, indeed. 

Wide range to choose from 

Finally, the last critical reason to use custom corporate gifts & promotional products is because it's so easy to. In fact, there is a vast range of items on the market. Something that means no matter what your company's goal or budget, you will be able to find one that fits. 

Additionally, the massive range of promotional products available means that you can easily find something that will have a lasting value to your customers as well. Which is of course not only great news for them but will help to facilitate all of the other benefits of promotional products discussed above for your business too. 

Promotional Product Examples & How They Can Be Used In Your Business 

Now, you know all about the enormous advantages your company can reap by using promotional products, it's time to look at some specific examples and applications. Of course, the products listed below are not the only items available. Not by a long shot. Instead, the following section is designed to demonstrate in the most practical terms the ways your business can use and get the most benefit from them. 


Research has shown that given the option, customers will choose wearables over any other promotional product. Of course, this means things like T-shirts, caps, woollen hats are seen as hit promotional products. They, therefore, have tremendous potential for use in your company’s marketing strategy. 

In fact, wearable like these can be created to be used by customers and employees alike. They can even be used to promote your brand at events such as trade shows, and community gatherings as well. Remember also that T-shirts aren't only used in summer or locations with hot climates. In fact, the best suppliers will offer a range of both long and short-sleeved varieties to best suit your customers needs. 

Drink wear 

Staying hydrated, caffeinated or both is a big deal in most people’s day to day lives. Happily, this means providing insulated drinkware or travel mugs to customers is an ingenious strategy, indeed. 

In fact, such receptacles have an amazingly low CPI because they will be taken around with their owners. Additionally, who doesn't feel a little happier and refreshed after taking a sip of cold water or a mouthful of coffee? An emotional reaction that due to the presence of your promotional items will, over time become fused with your brand. 

Buying your custom corporate gifts & promotional products from PromosDepot

Now, you know some of the ways you can use custom corporate gifts in your business, you are probably wondering where to get some. Happily, the sister company to BagzDepot, Promos Depot is a perfect choice. 

In fact, they offer not on 24/7 access to online ordering, but a tiny 12 unit minimum as well. Something that means smaller businesses and companies targeted a particular group of customers don't need to worry about having to pay for lots of products that will go unused. 

Additionally, PromosDepot has a rather smart website that allows you to search not only by item but by price per unit as well. Something that means you can find the right custom promotional products while keeping your projects budget holder happy as well. 

Another reason to use PromosDepot is they make a point of stocking 100% of their products in the warehouse, at all times. Therefore, there will be no unnecessary waiting for the items you need to come back into stock. They even offer 100% free delivery within the US, so you can expect your items to arrive within 1-2 days at no extra cost to your business. 

Finally, Promo Depot prides themselves on top-notch customer service throughout the entire process. Thereby supporting their customers with any questions they have at any time, and helping them to make the best selection for their company's needs. 


In summary, custom corporate gifts & promotional products are items that have value, usually in the form of usefulness given to customers (or sometimes employees for free). 

The main benefits of using these products include economic ones such as low CPI and high ROI. Then there is the fact that they can help to form a much longer-lasting impression than other forms of marketing too. 

Additionally, they are easy and convenient to source, making custom corporate gifts & promotional products a market strategy that you will not want to ignore! 

Head over to our promotional items site to get started today, or contact us and one of our highly knowledgeable product specialist will be helping you through out your journey with custom promotional items!