Are you tired of digging around aimlessly through your bag, looking for your keys among the dark abyss? Are you ready to stop choosing a different purse each morning to complement your ever-changing daily wardrobe?

If so, a clear bag is the way to go!

Offering convenient visibility and goes-with-anything style, these accessories are the latest trends shaping the fashion shows and trade shows alike.

Not sure about swapping your standby solid bag for this modern choice? Read on.

Today, we're sharing why clear bags are a smart investment for anyone, from corporate professionals to fashionistas and everyone in between. Turns out, they're more practical and stylish than you thought!

Ready to learn more? Let's dive in!

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1. Instant Transparency

Let's begin with the most obvious benefit that clear tote bags offer. You've got constant visibility into everything you're carrying. That means you never have to worry about losing your keys or your favorite pair of sunglasses ever again. 

This is especially helpful if you purchase an oversized bag to act as your daily go-to accessory. These tend to become black holes of clutter, with old receipts and skincare products scattered right beside important medicines, tech tools and more. When you invest in clear plastic tote bags, you have a better sense of where everything tends to end up. 

This way, you can store and organize your travel gear in a logical way, so everything you need is always within reach.

clear stadium bags

2. A Breeze at the Sports Game

Any time you attend a concert, sporting event or another large-scale public gathering, you're usually met at the entrance by an intimidating security team armed with a flashlight, ready to go through your personal belongings.

While we can all agree that these services are necessary and important, if you carry a big bag full of gear, you understand how time-consuming the inspection process can be. On the other hand, when you walk up with a clear bag, you can shave off a ton of time! When they can see everything you're carrying in seconds, the security team is able to move you along quicker. Everyone in line behind you will especially appreciate your decision!

Going to a collegiate or professional athletic game? Many leagues, including the NFL, now require you to bring your own clear bags or buy them at the gate when you arrive. It's smarter (and more affordable) to come prepared.

Looking for stadium approved clear bags that allow you to showcase your adoration for your favorite team while also staying security-ready? Check out our NFL clear bags! Our stadium tote bags comply with all NFL guidelines and are a perfect way to cheer on your team in style.

The best part? You save even more money on our already-low deals when you buy in bulk, so give everyone on your gift list a clear stadium crossbody bag this year!

clear makeup bag

3. Transparent Airport Check-Ins

Another environment in which bag-related security is heightened? At the airport!

The journey to get to your gate isn't complete until all of your bags have passed through a thorough security check, and you have too. Even your shoes must come off! 

Anyone who's ever had to leave a full-sized bottle of lotion, contact lens solution or any other toiletry behind because it didn't pass the TSA's size guidelines for liquids knows that it pays to plan ahead. Now, you can head to the store and find ready-made empty toiletry bottles that are designed to be TSA-friendly.

When you're packing, transfer all of your lotions and potions into these bottles and slip your entire collection into a clear makeup bag or clear toiletry bag. Then, when it's time to put everything onto the conveyor bag for inspection, all of your items will be easy to discern, check and pass.

4. Easier Office Security

In the same vein as security concerns at entertainment venues and airports, there is also a rise in businesses requiring employees to carry clear bags when they enter the office. From suitcases to lunch totes, these are required in lieu of traditional solid bags that have defined corporate culture for decades.

clear tote bags

5. Parental Ease of Mind

Once kids reach the age of packing their school bookbag themselves, parents can't help but wonder about its contents. If you have any doubts at all about the safety of what your child is bringing to class, a clear bookbag is an ideal solution. Not only is it ultra-modern and cool, but it's also a great, understated way for you to get a good look at what they're towing as they leave the house.

From drugs and firearms to less-serious contraband such as chewing gum, there are myriad items that are too easy to sneak into a solid backpack. Presenting a clear alternative is a simple way to keep tabs on their daily haul. Plus, it's one of the most lightweight options on the market, and when they're already weighed down with textbooks, they'll appreciate the newfound comfort!

Even if you have no reason at all to be concerned, it's important to understand that many schools around the country already require students to carry clear bags, simply because of the increase in violence occurring on campuses. 

clear makeup bags

6. Hands-Free Travel

Planning a big family vacation? Whether you're headed to an amusement park, a nature trail or the big city, it's always helpful to have your hands free. While fanny packs were once designated as strictly nineties fashion, they're making a major comeback. Now, fanny packs are one of the hottest fashion items around, and for good reason.

Designed to be worn cinched around your waist or diagonally across your body, this clear vinyl bag keeps all of your necessities within quick reach. When you're traveling, this isn't just a nice-to-have feature. Rather, it's also an important step to protect your security.

A clear bag can reveal quickly if something has been taken without your consent. And, when you pack light with a clear fanny pack, you don't have to worry about your bag slipping off your shoulder or back. You're able to keep a close watch on all of your precious essentials, from your keys to your credit cards.

7. Maintenance-Free Wear

Did you spill something in your clear plastic bag? Did the top come loose to your favorite pen and splatter ink all around? Either way, you're covered.

A mishap like that would have wreaked havoc on a traditional solid bag, even possibly ruining it. Yet, a clear tote can simply wipe clean. That makes it ideal for moms on the go! Simply stash your baby essential in there and when an inevitable mess strikes (as it always does), you're ready to clean it up on the spot.

clear drawstring bags

8. Unique Promotional Gear

Heading to a trade show soon?

While most companies fill their booths with handouts and promotional gear for attendees to take, you can make your space stand out from the rest with clear drawstring bags! After they pass a few booths, trade show participants are already weighed down with tote bags full of knickknacks that will likely find a new home in the trash can a few moments after the show ends.

Then, they'll come to your booth.

Not only do drawstring bags distribute weight evenly over their shoulders and help relieve back strain, but they're also roomier than most standard totes and able to hold more swag. They'll be glad to swap their myriad pint-sized totes for your convenient alternative! 

clear fanny packs

9. Conversation Starter

Want to make an even bigger impression? Go ahead and fill your large clear plastic bags with useful and practical goodies, including your print-based marketing materials, all of which should have your company name and logo on them.

This way, recipients will know exactly what they're getting as soon as they visit your table. There's no need to grab one hesitantly only to look in and be disappointed with the contents! 

You can impress them from the onset with these unique swag bags, and open up the door for a continued conversation that could lead to a conversion! A clear tote says that you have nothing to hide. Rather, you're an open book and ready for discussion!

Find the Clear Bag You've Been Looking For Today

Now that you know a few of the reasons why a clear bag is a smart investment, are you ready to snag one for yourself?

If so, you don't have to look very far. Instead of hopping online and searching "clear bags near me", head to our online shop and browse our extensive line of clear tote bags, drawstring bags, fanny packs, and more.

Along the way, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We'll help you find the right bag for your needs, every time!

Written by Bagz Depot — November 29, 2019

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