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Apart from clothes and shoes, it is almost impossible to see any traveler without a backpack. Almost everyone owns a backpack, but the current trend is the rave of custom backpacks and drawstring bags that no one seems to get enough of.

It seems like the days of buying designer bags are behind us. Everyone just wants something simple they’ll put some stuff in without losing a sweat or lifting an eyebrow. That’s where drawstring bags come in. And yes, you can transform them into custom backpacks.

In this article, we’ll show you all you need to know about drawstring bags and personalized backpacks for simple and wholesale purposes. It promises to be an interesting read.

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What Are Drawstring Bags?

Drawstring bags have a very long history that dates back to the 13th century. Don’t worry; we won’t bore you with the 100 pages of history.

But then, over the course of 7 centuries, what started as small pouches in Egyptian hieroglyphs has been modernized to what we call drawstring bags today.

A drawstring bag is a one-compartment bag without zippers or buckles. Rather the compartment is accessed using strings that are carefully sewn into the hem of the bag.

Although they are popular for having one main compartment, personalized backpacks often come with external zipper pockets. Don’t get confused when you hear people refer to them as drawstring backpacks. They are referring to the same thing.

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What Makes Drawstring Backpacks Special?

Among the different users of drawstring backpacks, two sets of persons you’re bound to find using them are sportsmen and campers. Students and moms are rocking these bags so well too that you’ll be tempted to ask, “what’s the fuss about these bags?”

If that’s the question on your lips, be our guest. Apart from the fact that they are never out of vogue, these are some benefits of drawstring backpacks that has kept users faithful till the end.

#1. Customization

Drawstring bags are undoubtedly the most customizable bags you find. Custom drawstring backpacks bear brand names and logos. You can even have your name crested on it for a small fee.

#2. Cheap

Drawstrings bags are generally low-cost bags. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personalized backpack or not; the price is always cheaper compared to traditional backpacks.

#3. Portable

Unlike traditional backpacks, drawstring backpacks are portable to a fault. When empty, you can literally fold it until it fits into the palm of your hand. You’ll find this very helpful when you want to travel light without the need for excessive luggage. Drawstring bags will surely come to your rescue.

#4. Accessibility

Judging by its single compartment, it’s easy to drop your items into a drawstring bag. You don’t need to start scrambling between zippers to locate your things. All you need to do is to pull the strings, open the bag and voila!

How Can I Use Drawstring Bags?

Drawstring bags are arguably the easiest bags to use. The first thing you should be concerned with is to identify what you need them for. They are just the same except for the customization.

They come with strings that can be adjusted to open and close the main compartment of the bag. The strings are also used to hang the bag on your back. You need only three steps to use this bag.

  • To open the bag, adjust the strings, and put your items into the back.
  • When they are in, adjust the strings again to close the opening of the main compartment.
  • Then wear the bag and step out in style.

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What to Consider When Buying Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring bags come in diverse sizes, thickness, and colors. The variations are to give you the luxury of choice. There is no point buying something you don’t need, that’s why you should consider the following factors before you buy a drawstring backpack.


Not all drawstring bags are the same. Drawstring bags are made of different fabrics, each having different features. The most common material is nylon.

The major advantage of nylon over other materials is that it’s quite tough and resistant to stains. Folks use it for bags intended for carrying heavy things. Other common materials are canvas, polyester, cotton, burlap, etc.

If you’re looking for stretchy drawstring bags, then you should get a cotton backpack. Canvas materials are very suitable for making custom wholesale backpacks.

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Whichever material you choose, ensure it has sufficient tensile strength for the purpose you’re ordering it.


Size is another major factor for consideration. There is no one-size fit all, that’s why most drawstring backpack vendors often allow their customers to select the sizes that they deem fit.

One of the things that should influence your choice of size is the actual size of what you want to carry in the backpack. For instance, if you want to carry an item that is 14 inches thick, you should get a bag that is at least 16 inches wide.

The extra inches are for tolerance to avoid subjecting the bag to undue stress. You should also consider the height of the bag as well. If there is none that meet your specification, then you can contact your vendor to make a personalized backpack for you.


While there are lots of homemade backpacks, you can’t overrule the importance of buying quality ones from a reputable firm with years of backpack production experience.

The reputation of the brand tells you what to expect when your order arrives at your home. Frankly, there are thousands of great brands out there like BagzDepot.

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It’s better to buy from the best so you’ll rest assured that you will get exactly what you ordered for without uttering a curse word.

Where Can I Buy Custom Drawstring Bags?

Typing this question on Google will return a lot of results. You’ll be shocked at the number of local drawstring bag vendors near you. Some of them may be new vendors you’ve never heard of, while others are popular retail stores everyone knows.

Nonetheless, where you choose to buy from determines the quality and design of the backpacks you’ll get. Certainly, you don’t want to wait for hours or days only to receive a defective package.

That’s why you should consider reputable vendors like BagzDepot.

BagzDepot has carved a niche in the drawstring backpacks market. They sell bulk backpacks and custom backpacks as well.

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Where Can I Use a Drawstring Bag?

Drawstrings are quite relevant in different occasions. Their portable characteristics and unique features make them the first bag you can grab when you need to get something done without stress. You can use them on the following occasions:

·         Gym

It doesn’t sound strange, right? Drawstring backpacks are so comfortable and light that you can grab one when you want to hit the gym. Put your essentials like phones, wallet, and any dry shoes inside.

You can also use it when you want to go jogging to carry a bottle of water, and anything else that will get your hands heavy.

·         Travel

Who says you must travel with some over-sized baggage? Drawstring bags make travelling simple and light.

If you want to take a short trip from New York to Chicago, you can pack a couple of items in a drawstring bag and board a plane. It’s just a very convenient way to live with no qualms.

·         Military

Our military guys are using them already. They come in handy when they need to move light. The common materials for this purpose are burlap and canvas.

·         Souvenirs

You can give out custom backpacks as gifts during birthdays and other events. All you need is to order some wholesale backpacks, print a message or logo on it, and everyone can go home with them as a souvenir for the occasion.

·         Campus events

Let’s say you run a club in school and you have a special event coming up that needs some publicity. You can fly your club’s color by getting custom backpacks that all members of the club carry along.

This trend is quite common in most colleges, and is growing more popular every day.

·         Kids clothes

Moms are getting fonder of drawstring bags these days. You can use them to keep the kids clothes, whether they are clean or not. If you have this purpose in mind, then you should be getting some big backpacks.

·         Toy bag

Instead of leaving the puzzles and Lego lying all over the kiddies room, you can put them in separate backpacks. It’s neater that way and makes them easily accessible.

How Do I Get Customized Wholesale Backpacks?

One of the major pains of using backpacks is finding a vendor that can produce enough quantities of them with beautiful customizations. Some of the popular vendors sell wholesale or bulk backpacks, but they don’t offer customizations.

If you’re going through this pain already, we’ve got good news for you. BagzDepot offers screen printing and digital printing services for your backpacks. You can now order your backpacks and customize them all in one place at a very affordable cost.

Screen-printing allows you to customize your backpack with simple designs using a maximum of five colors. On the other hand, digital printing allows you to play with as many colors as you need.


Drawstring bags are pretty easy to use after all. They come in so many beautiful designs and materials that you’ll be jaw-dropped at their nice features. They can make life a lot easier and interesting. You can get one today and slay in style.

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Written by Bagz Depot — October 17, 2019

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