One of the best things we do here at BagzDepot is offer our amazing tote bags in bulk. Bulk tote bags are great to use for businesses, organizations, schools and more. We offer over 1000 different totes and bags for any need you could think of. From canvas tote bags and jute burlap tote bags to duffel bags and drawstring backpacks there is something from every variety to choose from. Not only do we have a huge variety of bulk tote bags but we offer the best quality at the lowest prices. Bulk tote bags can also be customized right on our site when you purchase them. They are all high quality wholesale tote bags that you can be secure in ordering.

Promote Your Business

One of the most effective and affordable ways to promote your business are branded tote bags. Branded tote bags are essentially a walking billboard for your business. There isn’t a better way to spread brand awareness than having your logo slung around shoulders everywhere you go. Purchasing canvas tote bags bulk is also something that can fit into every small business owner’s budget. Order and customize bulk tote bags for trade shows or give them away to customers. You can even sell them for a profit and advertisement all in one. The more bags you order the more money you save on each bag. It’s something you’ll always be able to come back to and order more. Tote bags are becoming more and more popular as people are switching to be more environmentally conscious, so buying in bulk is a great investment.

bagzdepot printed tote bag

BagzDepot offers screen printing and embroidering so you can add your logo to every one of your bulk tote bags. They’re great for promotional giveaway ideas whether that's through social media or an event you’re putting on. Cheap tote bags in bulk don’t have to be low quality, and none of ours are. You can have confidence in giving out a good product at a low cost. All you have to do is pick which bag, what color you’d like and how many. Then email us your logo or design wanted. It’s a really simple way to benefit from an amazing product.

Schools and Organizations

If you work at a school custom tote bags bulk are perfect to fit into your budget. Our cheap drawstring backpacks can be customized with your team logo that will last all season and beyond. We also offer gym bags and duffel bags for traveling teams. Buying cheap tote bags in bulk and having them branded with your logo is a way to be able to use them as giveaways as well. Throw them out at your school’s pep rallies or give them out to clubs and teams as part of their uniform. Help spread school spirit around school and your hometown. BagzDepot also offers discounts for educators! Not only will you save money by buying tote bags in bulk, you’ll save more just by working as an educator.

assorted colors drawstring bags

Bulk tote bags are not only great for schools, but for any organization as well. Whether it’s a charity, non profit, club or organized group buying tote bags in bulk is something affordable you can arrange. Gift your organization by purchasing custom tote bags bulk and branding them with the logo or title of the organization. It’s a great way to say thank you to everyone who helps or participates in whatever you’re working on achieving. They can be giveaways to create awareness for your cause or gifts for your volunteers. Grab some plain canvas tote bags bulk and create some buzz around your passion.

Weddings and Events

Create custom promotional items for your events and everyone who attends. Weddings are expensive enough with all that goes into them. Keep the gift bags beautiful but affordable. Buying gift bags in bulk makes them cheaper the more you buy. If you’re setting up for a big wedding it’s easy to purchase enough and not break the bank. This goes for all the events surrounding the wedding as well like the engagement party, wedding shower and bachelor and bachelorette parties. The bigger the wedding or party, the more you save on each gift bag.

wedding dining table

Any events you’re involved with involving your community or weekend markets and so on, buying tote bags in bulk are the best promotional giveaways. Tote bags are such an essential item that everyone can use everyday, they won’t go to waste or be forgotten about. If you’re a vendor at a local market set up a stand full of custom tote bags to give or sell to your shoppers. It’ll make an impression and have them coming back time and time again. Everyone loves free gifts at big events. If you’re organizing a local event in your community bulk tote bags are the perfect affordable item to give out for promotion and awareness.

Stay Eco Friendly

eco friendly

Staying eco friendly is a serious bonus point when it comes to bulk tote bags. Reusable tote bags are not only great for you but they’re great for the environment too. Everyone is starting to become more aware of our environmental crisis. We touched a lot on this in one of our last posts. Buying bulk tote bags will help spread the message to reuse bags and ditch the plastic. Spread the eco friendly love around your community and help make a difference.

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Written by Bagz Depot — July 01, 2019

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