Not all facemasks are created equal. 2020 has seen almost all populations regardless of where you live to have a mandate that requires you to wear a facemask. matter what country, state. or metro area you live in you now know to best protect yourself and others from almost any kind of pandemic is to wear a facemask.

It's important that when you purchase your facemask you're aware that you need to not only wear the facemask the right way but you need to buy an effective facemask from the start. That's because if you purchase a facemask that doesn't provide you with optimal safety than you've wasted your time and money. The purpose behind every facemask is to provide the least risk of being exposed to harmful airborne particles.

If you're looking for more reasonable facemask prices you might want to consider purchasing wholesale disposable face masks. Read on to find out not only where you can still find disposable face masks but also how best to wear them to optimize their positive protection effects. 

Disposable Face Masks

disposable face masks

Expert medical professionals often tell the public that by misusing any protective gear including disposable face masks you can be exposed to just as many germs as you would if you didn't wear the mask. Disposable face masks have a major advantage over cloth face masks and that is you throw them away after you wear them. Many people wear the same cloth face masks for days at a time without washing them which can result in viruses collecting on the mask

Most viruses have a spread rate in which if a person coughs or sneezes they will produce a muzzle velocity of 164 feet. That means you are essentially exposed to whatever particles are in the cough or sneeze even if you're across the room. But disposable face masks have a higher protection class because they provide better breathing and more virus resistance. 

The one thing every expert medical professional agrees upon is that non-fitted cloth masks using homemade fabric are the least effective. Although any kind of impediment is better than nothing, fabric masks just aren't as effective and efficient as disposable face masks. 

Wholesale Face Masks

wholesale face masks

When virus pandemics begin no one ever knows how long they will last or where they'll be able to find the personal protective equipment they need to fight off the virus. Scientists and medical researchers kick into gear to find a medicine that will slow it down or vaccines that will prevent people from contracting it. But all that takes time and most people still have to be able to go out and make a living, protect their loved ones and find a way to live and stay healthy even while a pandemic rages around them. 

That's where wholesale face masks come into play and provide a virus response solution that all their loved ones can benefit from. There are a variety of vendors like Etsy, Amazon, DHGate, and more that can help you with a large wholesale face mask order. However one of the best wholesale face masks vendors is BagzDepot.

BagzDepot is the one-stop-shop for many medical professionals, researchers, and general populations. Every personal protective equipment or supply they provide is optimized to provide you with a germ-free solution. They offer up to 120-packs of cloth face masks and 3 or 4-ply layered and disposable KN95 masks

Surgical Masks

You may be surprised to find out that surgical masks were used in a very crude fashion during the 17th-century plague epidemic. Many doctors adopted a type of leather headdress that covered their mouths and nose with a long, pointed beak. The crudely fashioned face mask wasn't to help protect them from the germs of those who were ill.

Rather it was for helping them mask the bad odors of those afflicted with the plague. They filled their face masks with perfumes but by almost default or side benefit, the masks did help some of them combat the contagion. By the 19th century, people were becoming more aware of the germ theory after microscopes were invented and started being used by scientists and researchers.

Medical Masks

Medical masks have become the personal protective equipment no medical professional can do without. The medical masks help prevent the spread of any type of respiratory infection or virus if and only if they are worn correctly. When you wear a medical mask property you're helping to prevent the transmission of bacteria which is the component every virus needs to spread.

During the 1918 global flu epidemic, medical personnel found that masks helped protect them from germs and began to wear them while working or going about their day-to-day activities. Today surgical masks are used by all medical personnel and first responders to help prevent any disease or germ that's transmitted through airborne contact which optimizes the safety of both.

However, there are two types of medical masks and you need to be aware of what each of them offer you.

#1 Surgical Mask

We discussed the surgical masks above and sometimes people call the surgical mask a face mask. Surgical/Face masks are uses for more common varieties of viruses that spread through the droplets or particles every person expels when they talk, sneeze, cough, and more. Most face masks are worn pretty loosely so they aren't always 100% effective in preventing the spread of large sprays or droplets.

That means that person-to-person and hand-to-face germs can spread because of the loose fit and lack of maintaining proper sanitizing measures with the cloth face masks.

#2 Respirator Masks

Respirator masks have the capacity to block up to 95% of airborne particles. That means when you wear an N95 respirator face mask you're preventing the inhalation of smaller infectious particles that spread after a person sneezes, coughs, etc. N95 respirator face masks are worn by medical personnel when they are helping a patient with tuberculosis, chickenpox, measles, and other virulent strains of viruses.

The big exception to this rule is when an individual with facial hair or a child wears an N95 respirator face mask. That's when the mask is most ineffective because it's difficult to get the right fit you need which is of prime importance in how you get the best results by wearing the mask. So many times, people with facial hair or children will wear what's called a special respirator that provides air-purifying respiration that's fitted for their needs.

Mouth Masks

cloth face masks

A mouth masks can be a surgical or respirator face mask. Many people in an effort to leave surgical, medical, and respirator face masks plentiful for first responders have started to make mouth masks for their loved ones out of fabric. Common material can be used to construct a face mask. However, it is not the best form of protection but anything is better than nothing if you can get a tight enough fit to help block germs and particles.

The CDC usually request that if you make a fabric or homemade face mask covering you do the following:

  • You want to ensure your fabric face mask has multiple layers of fabric
  • Make sure the face masks fit across your mouth and nose firmly and securely
  • Every face mask should allow you to be comfortable while breathing with unrestricted breaths
  • Make sure you can effectively and efficiently wash the face mask so you can keep it sanitized after using it
  • Make sure that the mouth mask has an ear loop to hold it into place if you abruptly move your head

The CDC asks that cloth face masks never be placed on anyone who is under the age of two or has trouble breathing. You definitely don't want to put one on someone who is unconscious or incapacitated in any way. 

Wholesale Face Masks

Because face masks are now going to be a part of our future it's important to find a way to create and distribute face masks that can be customized or fit securely so you optimize your chances of maintaining a healthy self. Historically, many industry professions required you to wear face masks when you worked like meat factories, food processing, carpentry, etc. Mainly because you'd be dealing with an environment that exposed you to sanitation issues.

These types of industries always had a stock supply of face masks they purchased wholesale. But you can now order these masks at wholesale prices in bulk should you want to stock up for not only this pandemic but possibly the next one or the one after that. It's not uncommon for these industries to be interested in purchasing wholesale and custom face masks to maximize the protection their workers received.

Some of the professions who have always ordered their face masks wholesale and in bulk include but aren't limited to:

  • Landscapers
  • Painters
  • Bug Sprayers
  • Food processing
  • Medical professions
  • First responders

Every time a wholesale face mask order is placed by any working industry it was to help the workers cover their airways and prevent them from breathing in any harmful or dangerous components or particles.

Ordering Wholesale Facemasks Today

If you want to order respirators face masks today the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has standards they want you to meet. Several respiration classes have been created for any wholesale order you want to make. They are:

  • The respirator Class N - This means the number that comes after the letter N equals the percentage of filtration the masks offers (N99) is 99% filtration of particles
  • Class R is resistant to oil and can last up to eight hours.
  • A completely oil-resistant mask will be marked as P95, P96, and P100

However, the NIOSH also recommends you use disposable surgical and medical face masks. Their custom fit can vary but generally speaking, their range of protection lasts from three to eight hours if you're around a concentrated particle or containment area. That's why it's so vital to continue to change out your disposable face masks or wash your fitted fabric face mask to give you optimum protection.

Outside Factors and Components that Effect Disposable Face Masks

Every external factor has an effect on your face mask or disposable face mask. That's why when you're around air humidity, temperature, concentrated containment you wear a face mask that you can throw away or disinfect. If you order a respirator face mask that offers gas filters you'll begin to smell containments at a certain point if you don't change out your face masks. 

That's why buying disposable face masks in bulk is a perfect solution both for the price you pay and the maximum protection you get. Reach out to Bagz Depot when you're ready to provide you and your loved ones the best protection at reasonable prices. They have the facemasks you need so you can be part of the solution equation in this ever-changing world that needs more people who want to lead by example.