The word ‘tote’ means “to carry” and has been traced all the way back to the 17th century. It did not however mean an actual bag, it was a verb. The word didn’t transition into what is now considered a bag until about a century later. The tote bag came about in the 1940’s when L.L. Bean introduced it’s “ice bag”. As you could guess the bag was created to transport ice from the vehicle to the freezer, but it wasn’t long until people started realizing that it could transport much more and it was a huge hit. In the 1960’s it was reintroduced as the versatile tote bag it’s known as now, and the rest is history.

6 Creative Ways to Use Canvas Tote Bags

Nowadays it’s rare that you find someone who hasn’t or doesn’t own a canvas tote. They’re made in all different sizes and with all different graphics, even in different fabrics. We wanted to take some time out to show tote bags the love they deserve and outline the 6 what creative ways to use canvas tote bags and why they are so awesome.

1) Eco-Friendly Tote Bags are Great for the Environment

Using a canvas tote bag can be considered a good deed you’re doing for the planet. Replacing plastic bags with a tote bag can help save the environment because of how long plastic bags take to breakdown and how many can be found in our oceans, polluting our water and killing sea life. A lot of tote bags are even made out of recycled materials. BagzDepot offers Organic Cotton Bags that are 100% organic and chemical free.

custom printed tote bag

2) Canvas Bags are a Blank Canvas to Decorate

We see custom printed tote bags everywhere, tote bags with tongue and cheek sayings on them, puns and favorite quotes. Tote bags are a blast to personalize and make your own. They’re large enough to do whatever you please and they’re durable enough to last throughout the endless trips you use them for. Screen print or embroider them to make them unique.

3) You Can Actually Afford Canvas Tote Bags

Tote bags are ridiculously affordable. Cheap tote bags aren’t a bad thing because they’ll usually so well made. BagzDepot have their Canvas Tote Bags starting at just over $1 a bag and they get even cheaper if you buy them in bulk. We’re all on a budget and tote bags are just another way to add to your style in an affordable way. Grab a cheap tote and make it look like a million bucks.

4) Canvas Bags are Washable

Yes, you can and should wash your canvas totes. We set them on floors everywhere, throw groceries and dirty clothes on them and they take a beating. It’s easy to throw them in the washer and get them brand new again. We actually give the best step by step advice on how to safely clean your tote bags here!

branded tote bag

5) Advertise Your Brand with Canvas Tote Bags

Using your canvas bags as your own personal marketing tool can work wonders. They’re a seriously popular item at trade shows and corporate events. If you own a business slap your label on your bag or make your bag a fun and fashionable logo so people will want their own. It’s a great way to get your name out there in a useful way.

6) Tote Bags are a Fashion Statement

You read that right, tote bags are in right now. People are loving custom printed tote bags with funny sayings and hashtags on them, they’re actually a great addition to your outfit. You can purchase them in all different colors and screen print any saying or picture you’d like to make it your own. Grab a few different tote bags and rock a matching one to your outfit each day.

custom printed tote bags

Let’s face it, canvas tote bags are awesome. These reasons are just a few of the many. There are cheap totes, small totes, large totes, thin totes and thick totes. Custom printed tote bags have stolen hearts all over and they’re becoming a must have. From the 1940’s all the way to 2019 totes have stood the test of time. They will continue to stand the test of time as long as we all have things we need to carry. Embrace the tote bag and have some fun with it!

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Written by Bagz Depot — March 15, 2019

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