It was in the early 1990s that the talk about digital printing began. Digitizing the prepress process created the unique possibility of production within the printing network and other related industry. Digital printing has improved the printing industry, and it has helped in integrating all phases of the printing process. However, deploying digital technology in business requires more than just technological investment. It is essential to create new partnership concepts with suppliers and various customers.

digital printing machine

In graphic production, digital printing is a printing method in which the image is generated from digital or electronic files. The data is sent directly from a computer or any other digital device to the production printer. In digital printing, there is no need for a press plate which is usually used to carry the image to be printed. This is so because the production printer reads the image you want to print directly from your computer, and there is no need for any additional hardware device during production.

The concept of Digital Printing is broad and has been changing over time. Any equipment that records paper or other media may be used in digital printing. The production printer considers the data in such a device as the information received from a computer, and it treats it like any other digital data. In such cases, there will be no need to record any matrix for transferring such information.

What is Digital Printing?

In simple terms, digital printing can be defined as a method of printing that carries out the printing process with just an electronic file from a digital device. It makes use of a raster image, and it is transferred directly to the production printer from your computer or any other digital equipment.

There are some specific system software and applications that facilitate the transference of these images to the digital printing machine to allow it to produce the required picture with the right quality. The digital data transmitted to the digital printing machine makes it possible to print anything as far as it is included in the digital file. Images to be printed can be sent to the digital printing machine in digital formats such as the portable document format [PDF].

The digital printing technique suspends the use of regular printing plates. This not only makes the digital printing method effective, but it also allows the printing method to be pocket and time friendly. The digital printing method is one that gives quality results in lesser printing time.

A digital printer, simply known as a digital printing machine offers inexpensive yet professional printing. And the best part is that the digital printing technique can be used to print just about anything. It could be used for digital photo printing, digital screen printing, custom digital printing, and many more.

Screen Printing VS Digital Printing

We already know what is meant by the term "Digital Printing." Now let's take a quick peek at what screen printing is all about.

screen printing vs digital printing

As we already know, screen printing is a printing technique or method, just like digital printing, but there is a vast difference between these two printing styles. Screen printing is a method whereby ink is transferred from a mesh to the object you want to print. In screen printing, unique material is usually introduced into the system to prevent the ink from touching areas you do not wish to print on.

If you have been thinking; “Digital VS Screen Printing, which one should I go for," then see some factors below that would help you choose the one that suits you best.

When looking for the best method to use, there are four things to put into consideration, which includes:

  • The delivery time
  • The cost of production
  • The effect of that method on the environment
  • The quality of the product, among others.

The digital printing machine seems to possess these features. The digital printer reduces the cost of production, as you will be printing directly from your digital device. It also produces high-quality results in the shortest time possible. Above all, the digital printing machine is environmentally friendly. Unlike the other printing technique, the toner of a digital printer permeates the substrate.

Screen printing can be more stressful as you would have to make sure the ink in the mesh does not touch the area that needs no ink. With a digital printer, your computer does all that for you faster and even more accurately. Digital art printing services, as well as digital photo printing, are all fast and reliable.

What is the Main Difference Between Screen Print and Digital Print?

Digital printing service is a recent printing technique that enables your digital device to process the design, and then the computer sends the design straight to the digital printer. The digital printer now prints the image directly onto your material. While digital printing does not require any third-party medium, the screen printing method requires a stencil. Typically, the significant difference between digital printing and screen printing is the procedure involved, and this procedure affects the final product.

Digital Printing on Fabric

digital printing machine with fabric

A digital printer gives room for many fabrics for digital printing. The digital fabric printing products proofs to be in high demand, and the professional digital printing services has been in active production to meet with this demand. Several fabrics can be used in the digital fabric printing services, and we would mention a few.

  • Modal, cotton, and viscose are some of the perfect fabrics for digital printing.
  • Nylon, silk, and wool can be printed on using acid ink for the perfect output.
  • Disperse ink can be used in printing on polyester, but some professional digital printers may tell you never to use polyesters.

These materials above are suitable for any digital printing service, and they can be used in digital photo printing on fabric.

Why Choose Digital Printing? The Benefits Of Digital Printing

It is no news that the rapid advancement in technology certainly has positive effects in the printing industry. With no doubt, this is what makes the digital printing service the most preferred way of printing images among all the other methods.

The main reason you should go for a digital print is that it saves you a lot of money. In digital printing, the digital printing machine reads and prints the design directly from your digital device, and print it into the fabrics for digital printing. As a result of this, the digital printing process does not require any arduous setup, nor does it need a press plate to carry the image.

Therefore it saves you the money you would have used in buying any third-party equipment. It also saves your time as you do not have to set anything up, and it is not stressful as your computer, or any other device you are using does the job for you.

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Written by Bagz Depot — August 06, 2019

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