Canvas tote bags and to be honest all of other types of eco-friendly tote bags have become a popular functional accessory due to their flexibility and artistry. These tote bags can easily be personalized to represent who you are or can be used in line with your fashion style to make a suitable statement about your style and creativity.

What is a Canvas Tote Bag?

A canvas tote bag is any tote bag made from fabric material woven out of cotton or linen. This material is found on tents, backpacks, etc. Canvas tote bags are heavier duty due to the intricate weaving process used during manufacturing.

plain canvas tote bag

As a result, canvas tote bags are used in carrying heavier items for long periods without worry of the bag ripping or giving out while shopping, traveling, camping, and lots more. Canvas tote bags can serve your needs for a wide variety of occasions, depending on your choice of use.

However, canvas tote bags are durable and can withstand continuous wear and tear. Accounting for why these bags tend to last longer, and due to their sturdy nature, canvas tote bags tend to be heavier, weighing between 8 oz and 24 oz, while most popular canvas weights are 10 oz and 12 oz.

Variety of Canvas Tote Bags at BagzDepot

Different types of canvas tote bags are readily available in a variety of sizes, such as large canvas tote bags, extra large canvas tote bags, mini canvas gift bags and so much more. Cheap canvas totes are available in different styles, colors and sizes at BagzDepot.

From this variety includes canvas drawstring bags, blank canvas bags, canvas makeup bags, canvas book bag, canvas gift bags, zippered canvas tote bags, canvas wine bags, canvas laundry bags, canvas drawstring bags, plain canvas bags, etc. Considerable ranges in variety are also available for these bags.

Advertise Your Business with Canvas Tote Bags

Bulk canvas tote bags are perfect for business promoting, band advert, gifting, industrial use, etc. We stock blank canvas tote bags and offer a custom screen printing service so you can easily order custom canvas tote bags to promote your business and spread brand awareness. See our previous posts on using promotional tote bags to promote your business and also on why to buy bulk tote bags.

Bulk canvas tote bags are an inexpensive way to advertise for any type of business, including banks, companies, cafes, restaurants, markets, and so much more. The best part about using canvas tote bags for promotional purposes is that they last much longer than a flyer or a business card, both of which can easily be lost or thrown out. Canvas tote bags last for years and are a versatile, useful item for almost anyone, making them a great option if you're looking for a way to advertise your business effectively and on a budget. 

Canvas Makeup Bags

Wholesale Canvas Makeup Bags are customizable to any style or size without damping on its quality; they come in diverse colors, designs, and safely store makeup kits without the worry of a tear. These canvas makeup bags can be used for promoting salons, beauty shops, clothing lines, new makeup products, and lots more. 

canvas makeup bag

What are Canvas Gift Bags Used For?

Canvas Gift Bags are the perfect option for gift-giving in weddings, mothers day, events, parties, functions, etc. They can also be used as a birthday present, wedding gift, a gift to self, party favors and organization projects. These canvas gift bags can be personalized and customized for any event. Using canvas gift bags as wedding gift bags, welcome bags, or birthday gift bags helps to memorize special moments.

What Bags are Used for Carrying Drinks?

Canvas Wine Bags are excellent wine bags explicitly designed to convey wine and other drinks; they come in diverse styles, designs, and colors. Canvas wine bags give a new look and feel to the wine.

canvas wine bag

Canvas wine bags with handles make it easy to transport wine safely without fear of dropping. The zippered canvas wine bags keeps the bottle secluded and increases wine safety.

How to Use Canvas Laundry Bags

Canvas laundry bags are designed for packing clothes and storing dirty laundry. They come in various sizes and colors to accommodate a large number of clothing and other dirty outfits. This bag is the perfect alternative to a laundry basket.

Heavy-duty canvas laundry tote bag is used in stuffing lots of dirty clothes to avoid them being strewn across the room. This canvas laundry tote bag handles laundry correctly, especially for someone that stocks dirty clothes; it works great for seasonal storage.

Its ample size accommodates bundles of clothing and linens while keeping your laundry in a neat arrangement. They'll stand upright (for the most part), but a canvas laundry tote bag with handles can also be hung on a doorknob, those sturdy handles make it easier to haul dirty laundries from one location to another or the actual washing machine.

Canvas laundry tote bags with zipper are specially designed to protect laundry, keeping bugs away.

Having a designated laundry bag makes life much relaxing.

Extra Large Canvas Tote Bags

Extra-large Canvas Tote Bags are eco-friendly and are used in shopping, long vacations, family picnics, laundry, storing accessories safely, and a wide variety of different things.

Canvas Large Shopping tote with outer pocket and inside key ring strap makes shopping easy.

Extra-large canvas boat tote is a classic spacious boat tote suitable for boating, sailing and as a seaside carry-all. It has handles that are durable and comfortable over the shoulder when carried.

extra large canvas shopping tote

Where Can I Use a Canvas Drawstring Bag?

The canvas drawstring bag is an excellent choice when going on picnics, beach days, birthday parties, wedding, and any event where there is limited space to store bags, any fun outing and lots more.

The canvas drawstring bag is a very versatile and durable option for anyone who wants to be able to pack their daily essentials and take them everywhere quickly and easily. They're smaller than traditional bags, very easy to customize, and can be used repeatedly without tearing or breaking.

Canvas drawstring backpack can withstand heavier items and are a perfect option for showcasing school pride, attending events on campus, carrying books, gifts, etc. They are very affordable and is available in a variety of colors and bulk.  A canvas drawstring bag or backpack is suitable for almost any occasion.

Canvas Tote Bags With Zipper

 Zippered tote bags have varied uses or many functions; they can be used to pack books, safely store laundry, carry a laptop, for shopping, etc.

Canvas tote bags with zipper are usually stylish, embodied with designs and storage capacity to house almost anything safely; such examples include: 

  • Zippered canvas drawstring backpack: suitable for events and outings, etc
  • Canvas laundry bag with zipper: used for storing dirty clothes, hauling laundry, etc
  • Plain canvas tote bags with zipper: which can be personalized, used for designs, etc
  • Zippered canvas wine bags: which is for carrying wine creatively, etc
  • Canvas gift tote bags with zipper: for events and parties, etc
  • Zippered clear canvas tote bags: used for adverts and promotions, and lots more.
  • Canvas book bag with zipper: used for keeping books, files, etc
  • Canvas makeup tote bag with zipper: used for storing makeup kits and other items.
  • These stylish zippered tote bags are reusable and offer quality and versatility while having easy access to its contents; they are durable and can withstand heavier items without a tear.

canvas tote bag with zipper

How Can I Order Custom Canvas Tote Bags?

Blank canvas bags are mostly extra large canvas tote bags which can be customized for personal and general use. Blank canvas totes can also be used for adverts, decorating and as a means of promoting brands, for customized wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gift and lots more, they come in various shapes and colors suitable for any form of art, designs, brand, and logos. Blank canvas tote bags are stylishly designed and graced with lots of quality that when customized, combine function and fashion in a unique way.

Canvas Book Bags

Canvas book bags are slightly different from canvas drawstring backpack.  Canvas bookbags are carried in front by handles while canvas drawstring backpacks are hungover shoulders to rest on backs.

canvas book bag black

A canvas book bag is used to hold or haul books, lunch, gym shoes, and just about any item small in size. Canvas book tote bags can also be used to take ice to homes, carry groceries, etc. 

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Written by Bagz Depot — July 23, 2019

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