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Valentine's Day Party Ideas For Singles

Celebrate Being Single With Your Friends on Valentine's Day!

If you've noticed that you can't step out to buy groceries without being surrounded by a sea of all things red, pink, and heart-shaped - chances are that Valentine's Day is on the way. If you don't have a beau and your friends are similarly independent, it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy this seasonal holiday to its fullest - you don't need a significant other to enjoy life's little indulgences, after all.

If you're single on Valentine's Day, it's time to start turning up the fun and celebrating the best love of all: the good life

Everyone knows the usual Valentine's Day ideas when you're partnered up, but coming up with Valentine's Day party ideas for singles can be a little trickier.

Here's how to pass out party favors that will help your friends get in the mood to love things other than a partner: friendship, a great time, and themselves, while they're at it. Say it with me, "Happy Galentine's Day!"

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Roll Out The Red (and Pink) Carpet

You only have to look at some of Hollywood's biggest award shows to see a trend: bags filled with swag gets people in the mood and mindset to have an amazing time at an event. Consider getting some custom hats or t-shirts made for your crew, complete with the year, a heart, and an inside joke or two - it will be a fun souvenir for your Valen-friends party, and they'll grin every time they spot it hanging up.

If you're having a large group over, canvas tote bags also make a perfect canvas for customization and are a lot easier to fill with Galentine's Day themed goodies to delight your guests.

 Chocolate Hearts for your singles friends on Valentine's Day

The Galentine's Day Spread

It's no secret that Valentine's Day gifts usually involve chocolate, so bring some to the party in the form of a fun make-your-own ice cream sundae table, or an elegant chocolate fondue with classy "dippers" that can be shared among friends.

If you're going high-end with your get-together, a wine and cheese tasting can be fun, particularly if it's followed up by a tasting of some exotic chocolate bars.

(Believe it or not, high-end chocolate bars are readily and affordably available at most major supermarkets these days!).

Appetizers also make for excellent grazing all night long, and prevent the need to wash a bunch of dishes once your guests have gone home. 

The Entertainment

Community games are what really makes a party memorable, and the options are limitless. You could choose to heckle cheesy RomCom movies on Netflix as a group, for example, or break out the Cards Against Humanity deck to see what's really going on in your friends' minds.

The important thing is to relax, enjoy, and have fun - even if it takes opening a few wine bottles gift bags to help everyone forget about their relationship statuses for an evening. Hey, what are friends for, right?

Canvas Makeup Kit Bags

Trade Car Keys For Gift Bags

Just remember that if the libations and liquor are flowing, be a considerate host or hostess and invite guests that have been drinking to crash for the night. Trading car keys for travel kit bags filled with the everyday essentials in them - toothbrushes, hair ties, and more - will help your friends safely enjoy their buzz and still have everything they need in the morning. 

Valentine's Day is a great excuse to get your friends together for a little platonic bonding, whether it's over snacks, gossip, games, or a glass of Pinot Noir. Get your swag bags ready and you'll be the host with the most and laugh at the rest of the world fretting over expensive restaurant reservations. 

Written by Bagz Depot — January 31, 2019

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