Promotional tote bags are a staple advertising tool for all types of businesses. They are cost efficient, relevant and stylish and more importantly effective. BagzDepot makes it easy by selling wholesale promotional tote bags in bulk and offers custom screen printing before sending them out to you. We went over the best ways to use promotional tote bags to market your business and now we’re going to help explain how and why they work. 

Branded Tote Bags For Brand Awareness

More than anything, you want your business to be recognized. Branded tote bags are a way to jump-start your advertising dreams. Brand awareness is one of the key steps to a successful business and getting a leg up on your competitors. Everyone has a favorite commercial that they quote or have a jingle that they’re constantly humming. It’s all about how you go about creating that brand awareness. Commercials and jingles can get pricey, as can paying to get it out to your target audience, but there are other ways to get your logo and name around that are actually affordable and effective. Branded tote bags are an amazingly effective tool to use for your business. Make sure you create a branded tote bag that people will need or want to use by using some creativity and doing some research on your customers. Also make sure your logo is big enough on the bag so that it’s seen from far away and make it eye catching. Having your logo work as a walking billboard on everyone who is carrying one around gives you a timeless advertisement.

Here's a great example of a successful company using BagzDepot to promote their brand with custom printed promotional canvas tote bags: 

netwerk to networth promotional custom printed canvas tote bag

promotional tote bag screen printed with bagzdepot logo

Netwerk to Networth Custom Promotional Tote Bags 

Personalized Canvas Tote Bags For Your Targeted Audience

Finding your target audience helps mold your entire marketing plan because you’ll want to create a brand that they will gravitate to. Personalized canvas tote bags can be themed to the audience that you’re trying to sell to. What age is your target market? Is your company leaning towards a certain gender or what types of things do they do daily or attend regularly? Gather your intel and run with it, create a personalized canvas tote bag that they’ll feel was made just for them. Have your marketing team get creative with the custom tote bags and consider everyone in your target market. Consider what holidays you might be releasing your bags around or what season, make your custom tote bags as relevant as possible.

custom screen printed canvas tote bag with company logo

Printed Tote Bags: Quality & Quantity

You want your printed tote bags to last, the longer they last the more frequently your logo is seen. You will also want to purchase wholesale customizable tote bags in bulk to save money and make sure you have enough for marketing plan. BagzDepot offers wholesale customizable tote bags in bulk to make sure you stay in budget, as well as customization to create printed tote bags for your company. Our plain canvas tote bags offer reinforced extra stitching at stress points for added durability. Heavy duty plain canvas tote bags are also offered if your target market needs a little extra strength. With these customizable tote bags you can have both quality and quantity at a price you can afford.

assorted colored tote bags

Custom Printed Bags for Every Budget

BagzDepot has a vast range of different custom printed bags and totes that can be used to promote your business. We offer blank canvas tote bags wholesale for your business that are affordable and still customizable. Some of your choices include canvas tote bags, organic tote bags, polyester tote bags, drawstring backpacks and jute burlap bags. Choose your bag depending on what one fits the theme of your business. Marketing budgets have to be strict so you want to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck in every aspect of your marketing campaigns. We offer bulk custom printed bags and totes that you can order to be custom screen printed with your company logo. The more you buy the more you save, so our totes are affordable for all budgets.

black drawstring bag with screen printed logos

Custom Screen Printing Canvas Tote Bags

We offer custom screen printing for your canvas tote bags, the whole process on how we customize tote bags is explained here. To get started all you have to do is send us your design and we create a virtual sample for you to approve or request to edit. We customize tote bags with screen printing on one or both sides of your totes. Our custom screen printing is really simple and easy to do and if you’re not sure about screen prints we offer embroidery as well. All you have to do is choose your type of tote, choose if you’d like screen printing or embroidery and then email us your logo. We take care of the rest, there is also 24 hour support in case you have any questions about your order or logo.

Marketing your business can be stressful and challenging, but it’s a must for success. The first step is knowing your business and brand inside and out. A second step is to know who your target audience is and cater to them. Analyze your competitors and see where you can improve and outshine them and then outline your strategy and get to work. Promotional tote bags are one of the best ways to get started because of their affordability and effectiveness. They can help create the brand awareness you need and won’t take a huge hit on your budget. It’s a great way to connect with your customers as well. We offer so many different types of customizable bags and totes that we can help any type of business get started. Take a look and message us for any questions!

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Written by Bagz Depot — April 24, 2019

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