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To make your business progress and generate more income you should invest, but how and why? You should advertise to attract customers and generate reliable links between your audiences. Promotional merchandise is a cost effective way because they can reach many people doing minimal work and investing less than other channels to advertise. Currently, the digital marketing is becoming the basis for future marketing efforts, but that does not mean we should abandon the above tactics that are tested. Learning from the past and choose promotional products in the marketing and advertising strategy will facilitate the return of investment.

Advertising is aimed at large groups and often resorted to when selling direct seller to buyer is ineffective. It is necessary to distinguish between advertising and other activities that also aim to influence public opinion, as propaganda among others. We can say that a huge variety of advertising techniques, from a simple ad on a wall to a simultaneous campaign that used newspapers, magazines, television, radio, Internet and other mass media. Moreover, advertising relates to marketing the product as price, distribution, and communication to succeed.

Advertising includes women in this environment in order to achieve their objectives is selling products since used as an object and not as a woman. Advertising significantly influences on the economy and society is a business change reflects the rapid developments in technology and lifestyle in consumer preference and to research markets. This phenomenon has not only become an integral part of the economy in developed countries but also worldwide.

In this paper, we will refer to everything related to advertising and marketing and the influence this has on the social and economic life of the human being since the main goal of advertising is to make the man change his way of thinking and style lifetime. Well, if we talk about tote bags today. Here we enlist eight reasons to invest in promotional merchandise.

Reason 1: Sell more. The purpose of advertising is to generate revenue for the company and promotional products are specially designed for this purpose. In many cases, a promotional pen could be the most compelling reason for customers when choosing a service or brand.

Promotional items create a positive association with the tote bag company and can help generate sales at an alarmingly rapid rate. This means that your company will be easier to receive recommendations that a company that did not use any type of promotional incentive.

Reason 2: Show your customers appreciation for choosing your brand, and your products or services. Customers who receive promotional gifts tend to buy more and to be faithful to the brand. As for future customers, they are more likely to do business or buy products because they received gesture. In addition, a promotional gift holds the attention of the client, if you have something to say, your message will be easier to a receiver if he received any additional benefit by your company.

Reason 3: Billboards, television, radio or print media have a shorter period which has promotional products, which can continue announcing new target markets for an unlimited amount of time, so stay for long. Items such as key chains, shirts, pencils or notebooks are smaller and cheaper products, but certainly are useful, and that is the most important for a person to keep the product and thus make it susceptible to exposure longer reason.

Reason 4: It attracts the gaze of others. All companies want to be number one in its sector, especially today where competition is greater. If you want to win popularity, promotional items can help, you know why? Because nobody resists the word &free&, so why not offer a product at no cost?

Reason 5: Best picture and best promotion. Achieving a positive image is an important goal for any company, but how to achieve it? According to a study, 71% of participants could remember the name of the company that gave them a promotional product. What does this mean? Those people who receive gifts as a gesture of thanks for choosing a certain brand or service also have a favorable impression of the company.

Importantly, promotional items are not only a reward to customers for their preference or loyalty; they are also a good way to reward goals met, achievements and even just hard work of employees. In the future will be more likely that these same employees perform better because of the feeling of gratitude gift received, it will definitely improve the image of your company.

Reason 6: Promoting hand to hand. The known &closeted gifts& are a bad view activity, however, for a company is a cause for joy, but why? People love to share anecdotes, stories, emotions and articles. For this reason, people who receive corporate gifts or promotional products tend to pass on to others their experience with a particular company, that is, to recommend the brand or share the promotional gift with others, and that is exactly what is wanted: to reach more people.

Reason 7: Breaking borders. One of the biggest advantages and utilities promotional items is that not only reach the target audience to whom they are addressed, but break this border and have the ability to reach out to others, which means reaching a new target, this thanks to a promotional product has no geographic limitations and is characterized by the mobility, such as ballpoint pens, uSB or ecological or travel bags.

Reason 8: More exposure = Success. The success of a brand depends on its repeated exposure to different channels, for that reason posts are made in social networks at least once a day and spectacular and radio ads and television can last for months in circulation, the goal is not to be in oblivion and show that is present at all times.

Customers are more likely to remember a brand of the tote bags if they've been exposed to it hundreds, even thousands of times. A promotional item has the ability to display the brand every day, every hour, and even minute to minute. Through this you have a chance to discover wholesale tote bags, cotton tote bags, canvas tote bags also; high-quality canvas tote bags are readily available. Furthermore, if you opt for screen printing then it is for sure that you may make high-quality canvas tote bags without delay!

All tote bags made from the finest materials to offer customers a strong product and of the highest quality. Types of tote bags include the cotton tote bags, canvas tote bags, wholesale beach tote bags. However, these are the most famous ones. You can also use your logo and design of the tote bag to make it more unique. A fact is that people live buying the wholesale tote bags and the wholesale beach tote bags.

What else you can do to make the tote bags effective, is that you can get the screen printing, by screen printing service. These high-quality tote bags are in the most reasonable rates and you can also give these as a gift. These bags are remarkable and each one of it, be it cotton tote bags, canvas tote bags, or wholesale beach tote bags, they have their own individual charm. People these days love the tote bags. These tote bags being in trend has raised its prominence.

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Written by Hakan Aydemir — October 15, 2016

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