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DIY or Do It Yourself is becoming extremely popular in today’s world since it is promoting small hacks and is a good way to stay busy and get creative when you are free. Well, were you looking for some DIY stuff that is not so much costly? Do you want your tote bags to get different looks so that when you get back, you see things in place? In the following article, we will discuss how you can make your canvas tote bags look better in different senses:

  • Sports
A sports lover will definitely find love for the bags. Get your paints on with you, have some nice place with some good music and paint your heart out on the tote bag. You will cherish the bag and the time you spent on making that bag. You can carry football, basketball, swim trunks, towels, waters, refreshments for the game related stuff in that, or even if you don’t do that, there will always be a feeling of a sport fashion with you.


    • Travel

            Well, who doesn’t like to travel? The world is open and everyone should travel. You can show your interest in traveling by hanging a small crafted ship on the bag, a crafted vintage car or may be an aero plane. You can add to its beauty by painting a different kind of stuff on it so that it looks better.


      • Marketing

               You can use your tote bag as a marketing tool. If you have something that you want the world to hear and you can’t afford a marketing campaign, then why not paint or get screen-printing on the bags with the marketing stuff and let it go on with the people so that whenever they use it, they will think of your name or brand.


        • Wedding Gifts Bag - Party Favor Goodie Bag


               These bags can also be used for decoration since they have pretty adaptability. You can turn them into rustic wedding gifts, party favors, giveaways etc. Weather It is a beautifully painted tote bag on the wall for a decoration, or it is a classic window that wants a decoration, the tote bag is there for your help at a very low cost.


          • Music

                 If you love a song, and you want others to hear it, then why not let it go with the stuff by  writing it on the bag and let everyone see what you love. It will make yourself happy. You can write the lyrics you love from the song with fabric marker.


            • Quotes

                  Well, you can also write famous quotes from the famous men and women. It will be a part of learning for others.


              • Awareness

                    If there is something that you want everyone around you to take notice off, you can get it on by presenting it on your canvas tote bag, then it may be something that can catch attraction and will make you get your goal.

                So, what are you waiting for? There are so many things you can do with the canvas tote Bags. Shop Now!

                Written by Amit Bhaskar — July 25, 2017


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