Tips To Remember To Bring Your Reusable Bag

We’ve all seen the people at the grocery store whipping out their reusable tote bag for their groceries. It always spikes a little guilt right in your gut as you watch your groceries being bagged in a ton of plastic bags, you should be doing better to help the environment too. Maybe you’ve already purchased a cheap reusable tote bag at your local grocery store but constantly forget to even bring it. As they bag their groceries you think about that bag sitting in the cupboard under your kitchen sink, or hanging in your pantry yet to be used. Reusable tote bags not only help the environment, but they also help you. Their durability won’t have you swearing under your breath at the hole a container poked through your plastic bag, spilling everything in your driveway as you’re running after an apple that got loose. Reusable tote bags are a win, for you and your planet, so purchase one that you actually want to use and won’t forget. Don’t plague yourself with a forgettable reusable bag that you buy one day and forget the next. Personalize it, make it fun and make it fashionable. Invest in a tote bag that you can use not only at the grocery store, but as an overnight bag, a carry on, a beach bag or even an everyday tote that you throw whatever you need for the day into.

 Personalized canvas tote bags are a perfect way to make a statement and want to use your tote. You’re working with a blank canvas so you can make it exactly as you like. Screen print your name on it, straight up label it for whatever you use it for, put a fun or funny quote on it. Make it a one of a kind personalized canvas tote that you’ll love to wear around. If you want an inside look at screen printing or ideas how to DIY we touched on everything here. This is a great way to make your reusable tote part of your everyday routine, or at least your weekly grocery trips.

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 Another way to always have your tote on hand is to keep it accessible. Hang them up by your front door so you see it as you’re walking out. Fold one up and put it in your glovebox or center console, that way if you do forget it you can still run out and grab it. Better yet, purchase a few totes to hide places you might need them. You can get them in all different colors and spruce up a room or your outfit. Check out the vast variety of colors of our Canvas Tote Bags we offer starting around just $2 a bag. Pick your favorite colors that will be sure to catch your eye before running out the door or leaving the car. Just remember to put your bags back after you use them so you won’t forget next time.

 Force yourself to remember them by tricking yourself. If you know you’re going to the grocery store in the morning or later that night stick your car keys in your reusable tote bag. This way you’re stuck unless you grab it. If you’re an organized person who makes lists write “Grab Tote” at the top of your list to help you remember it.

 Reusable tote bags are becoming more and more popular. We’re all trying to do our part to stay conscious of preserving our home, but we can do that while also loving what we’re using. Eventually you’ll get into a routine to where it’ll become second nature to bring your reusable tote, but until then try out these tips. BagzDepot offers so many different types of reusable totes to choose from for every occasion. Never forget your reusable tote again, personalize your own and have fun with it. Next time you’re at the grocery store you’ll be filled with pride, not guilt.










Written by Bagz Depot — March 03, 2019

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