Reusable grocery bags are in. Single use plastic bags are out. With World Oceans Day behind us we want to keep the momentum going by staying eco friendly year long. We hit you with some hard facts about plastic on our last post and what it’s doing to our environment. The sad facts are that a single plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to breakdown and shoppers are using 500 billion plastic bags per year. These bags pollute our streets and oceans. Also, only 9% of all plastic gets recycled. So even though we recycle it’s just not always enough. Eliminating plastic is the best choice we can make for our environment.

Switching over from plastic bags to reusable grocery bags doesn’t only help our environment, it also helps out your wallet. A lot of places charge 10 cents for using a plastic bag. California and Hawaii have both banned plastic bags statewide and New York is next up to follow in their footsteps. There are multiple cities in the US that also charge a deposit for both plastic and paper bags. You may be paying a fee for single use bags without even knowing about it. Reusable grocery bags are so affordable you would actually be saving money in the long run. We wanted to compile a list of the best reusable grocery bags for every type of shopper. Here are just some of our top picks.

Reusable Grocery Bags for a Big Family

If you have a big family it probably means you have some big shopping trips. You need to be able to rely on your reusable tote bag to haul your heaviest grocery trips. These bags can handle whatever you throw in them, no more worrying about ripping a plastic bag and watching your beloved groceries scatter on the concrete.

Large Heavy Canvas Shopper Grocery Tote

This heavy canvas shopping grocery tote is reliable and sturdy. It’s complete with long handles to fit comfortably on your shoulder and has a bottom gusset for that extra support.

large canvas grocery bag

Extra Large Heavy Canvas Boat Tote

This is the mother of all reusable tote bags. It’s both stylish and eco friendly with it’s colored design. It has extra space to hold your biggest of grocery trips. This bag will last you and your family for years.

Farmer’s Market Lover Shopping Tote

Who doesn’t love a good farmer’s market? Fresh, organic and local foods are the way to a healthy life. Reusable tote bags are the way to a healthy environment. Browse throughout the vendors worry free with two of our favorites.

basket holding produce

Heavy Duty Canvas Tote Bag with Zipper

This heavy canvas tote bag is the perfect size for you to be comfortable and to stock up on all the veggies you want. It has a zipper at the top to close and keep your food fresh while you spend your day outside. It even has a square bottom so it will stand up when it’s put down.

Canvas Large Cooler Tote Bag

 canvas cooler tote bag

This large canvas cooler tote bag is the perfect way to go if you’re in the market to buy plenty of veggies and fruit. Stock up on your produce and keep it cool and fresh by sealing it in this cooler. It has a comfortable handle so you can tote everything around all day and it’s durable enough to last throughout many farmer’s market seasons.

Frequent Grocery Shopper

Some people are once a week shoppers and some people are frequent goers. It just depends on your lifestyle and how close you live by a grocery store. If you are a frequent goer it’s important to always have a reusable tote bag ready.

Heavy Duty Canvas Tote Bags

This heavy duty canvas tote bag is going to be your goto bag for groceries and more. It’s durable and comes in many different colors. It’s also affordable enough to buy in bulk. You can purchase enough bags to place them everywhere you need to. Keep some at home, in your car and don’t worry about forgetting it whenever you run to the store sporadically.

Heavy Canvas Reusable Tote Bag

This heavy canvas reusable tote bag is for your bigger grocery trip. It’s large enough to fit in all the groceries you need but still affordable enough to keep multiple bags around.

Eco Conscious Shopper

earth recycle symbol

If you’re already eco friendly in all aspects of your life and are looking to up your reusable bag game our organic cotton tote bags are calling your name. Even if you’re just beginning your eco friendly lifestyle and you want to upgrade your bags to organic these are perfect for you. Show off your eco support with these amazing tote bags.

Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

organic cotton tote bag

100% certified organic cotton, this cotton canvas tote bags gives you the quality without the big price tag. Going green has never been easier. This organic cotton tote bag is versatile and reliable.

Organic Folding Cotton Tote Bag

This organic cotton tote bag is fold-able and lightweight. Fold it up and fit it anywhere so you’ll never forget it. It even comes with it’s own tiny drawstring pouch if you want to keep your purse at home.

Trendy Shopper

Just because you're being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you have to give up your style. Create a new trend with your reusable tote bag. We have tote bags that are stylish and trendy too. You can also create your own bag by embroidering or screen printing whatever you want on any bag. These are a couple of our favorite trendy tote bags that will make people ask you where you bought them.

Heavy Canvas Tri Color Fancy Canvas Tote Bag

tri color canvas tote bags

Stay fancy and trendy with this reusable tote bag. It comes in different color patterns, so pick your favorite and get to showing it off. Along with having style it also is durable and affordable. You’ll want to use this bag for more than just your grocery trips.

Reusable Burlap Tote Bag

burlap tote bag

Stay classic and beautiful with a reusable jute burlap tote bag. Jute material is known to last for years and it is 100% burlap fabric. It’s perfect for all grocery and farmer’s market trips. Jute never goes out of style. It also has a perfect front to embroider and decorate and make it your own.

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Written by Bagz Depot — June 14, 2019

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