Are you looking for ways to promote your brand that the customer will love? Promotional drawstring bags are versatile, affordable, and original. Customers will be happy to accept them because, aside from not being another ballpoint pen, they are sure to find a use for them.

Physical promotional gifts complement your online marketing strategy. People will remember an unusual branded item like that, and remember your brand when they do see it online.

We're assuming you've got your design per your established brand guidelines at the ready. Let's look at five useful ways to spread the word about your business using the humble yet useful drawstring bag. 

1. Social Media Giveaways

Social media giveaways are all about increasing your brand reach. Everyone knows giveaways increase your follower count. Building your audience on the various social media channels is an excellent digital marketing objective.

Use the giveaway promotion to gain participants' consent to add them to your mailing list. This is so that you can send them company news, product updates, and special offers. Giveaways on social media increase brand awareness; your brand' enjoys a new level of familiarity in your target market.

Add a catchy hashtag to the promotion and encourage people to like, comment, and share the news about the giveaway. This is one way to drive engagement, generate leads, and boost sales. If you have a new product to promote, customized drawstring bags as social media giveaways could form part of the product launch.

Adding all giveaway recipients into a draw for a prize consisting of some of your company's products is also a nice touch and brings the promotion to a neat close.

Align Promotional Drawstring Bags to Your Target Audience

If your customers respond well to your eco-friendly corporate identity, choose a promotional drawstring bag with a logo as a giveaway, emphasizing that the gift is made of natural fibers. If recipients are sports enthusiasts, they might prefer a lightweight drawstring backpack. The point is, give the customer what they want.

2. Sponsored Events 

Sponsoring a local sports team or a community event gives you many opportunities to hand out your promotional drawstring bags free either to participants at the event or to spectators.

Otherwise, get permission from an event venue to sell your promotional drawstring bags at a nominal fee. Be sure to include a printed brochure about your business inside. Have you've noticed how many people wish they had brought a bag with them on a day out?

3. Trade Fairs and Expos

Your stand at a trade fair or expo is an ideal place to get your sales teams to hand out promotional drawstring bags to visitors who appears to be serious leads. More trade fair attendees will likely visit your stand, and those leads will convert more easily into sales when your team does its trade fair follow-ups. You will need big stocks of giveaways for this initiative.

4. Purchase Incentive

This is an oldie but a goodie. Offer a free drawstring bag with your brand logo on it to any customer who spends more than a certain amount at once in your online shop. People love getting things for free, and this strategy helps to build brand loyalty.

5. Sell Branded Drawstring Bags to Customers In-Store

This strategy has worked well for many companies ranging from farming machinery manufacturers to fashion houses. Your drawstring bag could become a collectible, the different sizes or colors being made available, depending on your market. 

Order Quality & Quantity from BagzDepot

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