Polyester is known to be a very long lasting fabric made from synthetic materials. It only makes sense that polyester tote bags are one of the most popular bags around. Polyester tote bags are durable, long lasting, water resistant and not easily wrinkled. BagzDepot offers every kind of polyester bag you could need in many different colors. The uses and benefits of using polyester bags are practically limitless, so it’s impossible to ever have enough of them around. We want to go over everything you need to know for your next purchase of polyester tote bags.

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Pros of Using a Polyester Tote Bag

A Polyester Bag is the Perfect Everyday Carry

Polyester tote bags are very roomy. They are also practical and affordable. BagzDepot offers them in all different sizes and styles to fit any and all occasions. They are also super comfortable to hang over your shoulder and reinforced so you don’t have to worry about the straps breaking. Polyester tote bags are easy to carry because, as durable as they are, they are also super lightweight. BagzDepot polyester tote bags have reinforced handles so you won’t have to worry about one snapping with heavy shopping trips.

Polyester is Wrinkle Resistant 

Polyester is does not wrinkle easily. They keep their shape over time and still are easy to store away. Polyester tote bags also holds their color very well because of its texture. They resist fading from time out in the sun or through wear and tear.

Polyester Totes are Durable & Water Resistant

Polyester bags are very durable and abrasion resistant. They are a great companion to have during the hustle and bustle of running errands all day. They’re great for heavy groceries and toting things around from outside to the house. Polyester tote bags are a great investment when it comes to how long lasting and durable they are.

Polyester bags are very water resistant. This makes them great for outdoor events. Rain or wet ground won’t ruin them or what you are carrying in them. 

Polyester Material is Mold Resistant

Polyester tote bags are also resistant to mold and mildew. This is attributed to the kind of material used in making the bag. This helps when you store your bags while moving or if you’re clearing out space.

Quality Poly Bags at BagzDepot

BagzDepot offers top quality polyester bags at the lowest price possible. Polyester is a tough and quality fabric that will pass whatever test you give them.

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Polyester Totes are Versatile

The versatility of a polyester bag is endless. BagzDepot offers them in so many different varieties that there’s something for everyone. They can be used for anything from a grocery shopping bag to a diaper bag. Polyester bags are the ultimate multipurpose bag.

Reusable Polyester Bags are Environmentally Friendly

By using a polyester tote bag you are also doing your part in helping to save the environment. BagzDepot offers them in bulk so you can buy enough for all of your shopping throughout the week. Plastic is polluting our land and oceans at an alarming rate. Reusable polyester bags are a step in the right direction to better our planet.

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How You Can Use a Polyester Tote Bag

  • Polyester bags are an everyday carrier of your things. They can be used to carry files and papers. They can act as a purse or an overnight bag. If you need a change of clothes from morning to night it’s great to have a bag handy.
  • As we’ve mentioned, it’s your perfect grocery companion. They are durable enough to hold the heaviest of groceries and you’re also being environmentally friendly by using a reusable polyester bag.
  • Promote your business or event by buying in bulk and ordering custom printed poly bags. BagzDepot offers polyester bags at wholesale prices, the more you buy the more you save. Customize your polyester bags with your logo and get to promoting. Brand awareness is the most important thing to invest in to increase your revenue. Sell them or give them out at trade shows.

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  • Polyester tote bags are great for teachers and students. They are tough enough to carry around books and school supplies all day. This essential polyester zip tote is a great option for both teachers and students.
  • They make great beach bags! Since they are water resistant, don’t hesitate to throw a towel, sunscreen and a water bottle and head to the beach.

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  • Give them as gifts. Because you save when you buy in bulk, they are great for wedding shower gifts, baby showers and any other events or parties. Customize them to make it a special memento for that day. Guests always appreciate being appreciated.
  • Add to your style with polyester bags. Not only do they save the environment, they also can be a stylish everyday add on to your outfit. BagzDepot offers polyester bags in a variety of different styles and colors. You can even customize and decorate your bag to fit your personal style even more.

How to Customize your Polyester Bag

Do it yourself! There are so many ways you can DIY your polyester bag. Try one of these techniques or have BagzDepot do it for you. BagzDepot offers screen and digital printing and will customize your bag before sending it out to you. Whether you want to customize them for your business, family vacation or even just for yourself you can count on polyester bags to stand the test of time.

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How to Clean Your Polyester Bag

Even the toughest bags can get dirty or rough looking from time to time. If you want to keep your bag looking fresh it’s never a bad idea to wash them. Polyester bags can be safely machine-washed or hand washed. Here are the top tips to make sure you keep them in great shape. 

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Look for a label

Your bag might have a label inside that tells you the best way to go about washing your bag. It should tell you what temperature water to use and what cycle. This way you’ll know for sure what the safest way to wash it is.

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Color test It

Even though polyester is a tough fabric that keeps its color it’s still a good idea to color test it before washing. Soak a small section of your bag in warm water to see if it tints the water. This most likely won’t happen with polyester, but better safe than sorry! If it is tinted you’ll want to watch how often you wash your bag to prevent it from losing its color.

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Machine washing

If you machine wash your bag use warm water and an all-purpose detergent. If it’s white it’s safe to use chlorine bleach too. Also, fabric softener will reduce static electricity. Tumble-dry at a low temperature setting. Do not overly dry polyester, it can cause shrinkage. To avoid any wrinkling it’s safe to press polyester fabrics at a moderate temperature setting, or use steam.

Hand washing

If your bag says it is not ok to machine wash, then you’ll have to either decide to spot wash or full on hand wash it. To spot wash, grab a stain remover and spray it on the stains. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. Wash it out by hand, if it’s a really tough spot you might need to use a brush to get the stain out. To wash by hand use warm water and a soft brush. Submerge your bag in the water and use circular motions. Rinse it out in clean warm water and let the bag air dry.