The holidays are a time filled with lots of love, kindness and good will toward our fellow man. If you’re looking to extend some of this holiday cheer to those around you, BagzDepot has a few ideas on how you can get involved or how to take your gifts to the next level.

Burlap Christmas Stocking with Red Trim

Christmas Stocking Care Packages

If you are thinking of ways for you and loved ones to give back this holiday season consider Christmas stocking care packages. These Christmas care packages are an easy and affordable way to spread joy to those who may be less fortunate, or those that would appreciate a little extra help this season.

These holiday stockings can be filled with basic household items like tooth brushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, grocery store gift cards and much more and then donated to your local homeless shelter, or you can give them in secret (after all it’s the giving that’s the real joy) to someone who you think may need some help this holiday. If you are looking to make this project even more affordable make sure to check out our offering of Christmas Stockings and Santa Sacks.

Makeup Travel Kits

Holiday Travel Kits

The Holiday season can be a stressful time for families looking to travel to relatives’ homes. Take the hassle out of the holding all of your toiletries and makeup in plastic zipper bags and upgrade your family to our line of good looking and durable travel kits. If you are meeting up with relatives this year, travel in style and get your custom print canvas tote bags with whatever you want on them. You can print "Happy Holidays", your family’s name, or even a nice saying. These also make great gifts for your relatives giving them their own set of matching custom print tote bags.

Christmas Cookies

Baked Goods

As many of our waists know the holiday season is full of delicious treats and goodies that are often times irresistible. Getting a plate of brownies or holiday sugar cookies is always nice, but if you’re the receiver often times these treats are delivered on a real plate or platter that you need to get back to the giver. Don’t burden your friends with that responsibility; deliver your baked goods in style with a party favor bag. Not only will your friends and loved ones be grateful that you didn’t give them homework for their baked goods, but they will be able to use this bag later.

Custom Wine Bottle Bags for Gifts

Holiday “Spirit”

Some of those in your life might enjoy receiving a gift that warms our hearts (and bellies). Christmas time means Christmas libations – go classy and deliver your Christmas cheer in one of our customizable wine bags. These bags can be customized with names, or words, or initials and so much more.

BagzDepot loves to celebrate the holidays and hopes you and yours have a fantastic holiday season. We want to thank you for your business and look forward to assisting you with your custom printed bag and tote needs.

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Written by Bagz Depot — December 13, 2018

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