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Ways to Make the Holiday Season Easier Using Tote Bags

The holiday gift giving season is upon us, which means it's time to start making your list and checking it twice. While you may think that it's the gift inside the wrapping that matters the most, you can incorporate branded tote bags as part of the present and make it a two-in-one gift. Of course, you can always use custom reusable bags for your own holiday needs too.

Make Holiday Shopping Easier with Custom Printed Tote Bags

As you prepare for the huge holiday feasts and bake all the sweet treats of the season, you'll likely find yourself making several trips to the grocery store. Say no to paper and plastic bags at the check out and bring your own custom reusable bags to hold all your groceries. Not only are holiday tote bags practical but they're also good for the environment.

Gift Bags Make Wonderful Corporate Holiday Gifts

If you own a large company, chances are that you don't have the time or resources to devote to finding personalized gifts for all your employees. Instead, you can spread some holiday cheer by making Christmas gift bags and filling them with a treat that everyone can enjoy, like a fragrant candle or a bag of candy. You can even make company branded tote bags so your employees can demonstrate their work spirit beyond the work space.

Give the Gift of Wine and Wrap It In Wine Gift Bags

Wine is a traditional hostess gift for holiday parties and many people would appreciate a nice bottle to add to their wine rack. Make the present stand out with wine bottle gift bags that can be customized using tote bag printing. Not sure if the recipient drinks wine? You can swap the wine for a bottle of sparkling cider too and still use the same wine bottle gift bags as wrapping.

Customize Gift Bags for Personalized Holiday Gifts

Instead of purchasing pre-made gift bundles at the store, select a few small gifts and wrap them in festive Christmas gift bags. These personalized holiday gifts carry more meaning than the mass produced ones and you can select specific items to match each person individually. For instance, you can give a school-themed one to your child's teacher, a dog-themed one to your dog walker and more.

Toss the Wrapping Paper and Use Drawstring Gift Bags Instead

 Wrapping paper, tissue paper and paper gift bags are often discarded after one use but drawstring gift bags are the gift that keeps on giving. These custom reusable bags, which come in a wide variety of sizes to conceal small to mid-sized gifts, can be used for storage throughout the year. The gift bags can be personalized using tote bag printing to make the gift even more special. From a 3x4 inch bag to a 12x14 inch, there are lots of creative uses for custom printed tote bags.

Written by Bagz Depot — November 16, 2017

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