Labor day weekend is upon us and that means extra time off for you and the family to celebrate with some Labor Day activities. It also means celebrating the hard workers in our lives and in our country. Labor Day is the first Monday of September. It’s a day to celebrate hard workers, but it’s also a sort of send off to summer. Not sure what to do with extra time off with the kids? Here are some perfect things to do Labor Day weekend.

DIY Design Plain Canvas Tote Bags for Labor Day

Labor day activities can be crafty! Let the kids get creative by decorating their own custom tote bags. Buy some plain canvas tote bags in bulk and let the kids go crazy with DIY crafts.

plain canvas tote bag

You can set up separate stations for them to try different ways to decorate their custom tote bags. Make the theme Labor Day and explain to them what this holiday means. Have them pick out the hardest working person they know to create their canvas tote bag just for that person. Gather all red, white and blue supplies and set each station up.

arts and crafts supplies

Some ideas for DIY:

  • Stamping: This is one of the least messy options. Purchase all types of different stamps the kids can put together. It’s best to use fabric paint for this. Use a foam brush to paint on the stamps and then hang them up to dry.
  • Stencil: Get the most use out of your fabric paint and grab some stencils as well. Print out some Labor Day clip art and make them into stencils. You could also use fabric markers if they want to draw and outline them.
  • Bedazzle: Every kid loves to mess with glitter and sequence. Gran some glue and set up a station for bedazzling. Red, white and blue themed would look perfect.
  • Draw: This is such a simple way to customize canvas tote bags so it’s perfect for kids. Use fabric markers to let the kids create a tote bag straight from their imagination. Labor Day clip art can also be used as inspiration for the kids drawings.

There are so many ways to DIY plain canvas tote bags!

Head to the Beach with your Canvas Beach Tote

September means fall is coming, and labor day weekend is one of the last beach weekends of the year. Pack up your beach canvas tote bag full of beach toys and head out to make some last summer memories with the kids. BagzDepot has perfect beach tote bags for everything you need to take. You can even create custom canvas tote bags for a Labor Day or beach theme to spice it up. Make your last beach weekend special with some Labor Day activities.

beach kids jumping

  • Sand Castle Competition: This is something you and the kids can do. See who can build the biggest or best sand castle in a certain amount of time.
  • Beach Volleyball: Use a real volleyball or make it funky with a beach ball.
  • Water Bucket Relay: Give your kids a cup or a large shell. Have them run to the water to fill it up and run back to dump it in their bucket. Whoever can fill their bucket up the most in a certain amount of time wins.
  • Beach Treasure Hunt: Create a list of things kids can find at the beach. Certain color shells, sea glass, certain stones etc. Whoever can find the most at the end of the day wins. 

Neighborhood Cookout and Games

Celebrate you and your neighbors hard work and have everyone throw a neighborhood cookout. This is something that can be done at someone’s house or in a common area if your neighborhood has something like that. Make it a potluck so everyone can bring dishes to contribute. Grab a rolling cooler to stock up everything you need to transport over. Create a little competition between families and play games throughout the day. Whoever wins the most games wins some prizes!

Game Ideas:

  • 3 Legged Race: Nothing beats an old fashioned 3 legged race. Set up teams and tie one leg of each person together. Whoever gets to the finish race wins!
  • Corn Hole: Corn hole is a great game for kids and adults. It’s basically a bean bag throwing contest. There are two raised platforms with a hole in them on each end and you need to try to make it in the hole by throwing the bean bag.

cornhole USA beanbag

  • Sack Race: Another classic outdoor game. Gather up some big bags and have people hop to the finish line.
  • Capture the Flag: If you have a big yard to play with, setup up two home bases where the flags are kept for each team. The goal is to capture the other team’s flag.

Give out custom canvas tote bags as a prize! Have the kids decorate their own plain canvas tote bags and then at the end of each game it can be the prize to the winners. Everyone loves a new tote bag.

Labor Day Parade Near You

Pack up a tote bag for the day and head to the nearest parade to celebrate. Nearly every town has a celebration parade for Labor Day. It’s a great outing for you and the kids. You could even join an organization that participates in the parade so your kids could march. BagzDepot carries every tote bag you could need for a full day outing at the parade with the kids.

american flag

Tote Bags for Labor Day Activities:

  • Large Canvas Tote Bag: This tote bag is perfect for carrying everything you need no matter how heavy it is. It’s reinforced and durable.

large canvas tote bag

  • Rolling Cooler: Perfect for a full day outing. Stash snacks, lunch and drinks all in this one cooler. It’s easy to roll right along with you so you don’t have to worry about lugging the weight around.

rolling cooler bag

  • Drawstring Backpack: This is perfect for kids. Help them keep track of everything they need by filling up this lightweight backpack.

drawstring bag

  • Canvas Tote Bag with a Zipper: This is roomy enough to fit everything you need and also has the extra security of a top zipper. There’s no worrying about anything falling out.

canvas tote bag with zipper

Throw a Labor Day Party

Throw a Labor Day party to celebrate with friends and family. Everyone loves a good party, especially on a day off. Invite neighbors, friends, family and whoever else wants to come. Decorate your backyard in red, white and blue. Make it a BBQ or a fun happy hour for the adults and setup up games and crafts for kids.

american flag cookies

Craft Table Ideas:

  • Create a DIY table full of plain canvas tote bags to decorate for kids and adults.
  • Make a tie dye station. Blank tote bags bulk are easy to purchase online with us at BagzDepot, so grab a bunch and have the kids tie dye them at the party.
  • Grab a bunch of art supplies and have the kids really get creative. Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, construction paper and stickers are great options. You could even have them glue the supplies onto some plain canvas tote bags to create whatever they want.
  • Have them paint their own USA flags on plain tote bags. They could paint the flags or cut their own out of construction paper and glue them on. Let them get as creative as they want!

Creating fun Labor Day activities for your family will be something that your kids will always remember. They don’t have to be huge events, simple things really make the difference. Playing games at the beach, crafting with your kids or hanging out with neighbors. It’s the end of summer and the start of a new school year. It’s also about celebrating the hard workers that make up this country and helping your kids understand that is meaningful. Make it fun, make it patriotic and make it a tradition.

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Written by Bagz Depot — August 29, 2019

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