62% of Americans prefer to get heartfelt and personalized presents. If you're creative and enjoy giving people things with a touch of your artsy side, then perhaps you've considered gifting your loved ones with painted custom canvas tote bags.

Not only is this gift beautiful to look at, but it's also useful! Your recipients will certainly enjoy your thoughtfulness.

However, painting on canvas isn't the same as painting on paper. If you don't use the proper techniques, you can end up ruining your artwork.

To help you out, in this article, we'll talk about how to paint on canvas tote bags so you can get some unique creations!

How to Paint on Custom Canvas Tote Bags

Choose Your Paint

You have 3 choices: acrylic, oil, and watercolors. For most cases, acrylic paint will work best since it dries up the quickest; this means a lower chance of smudges and the ability to add multiple layers. Do note that once it's dry, it'll appear darker, so you'll have to pick your colors wisely.

However, if you're planning on doing lots of blending, then you should consider oil paint instead. This type of paint takes longer to dry, but you'll be able to blend colors easily. They'll look the same after drying, so whatever hues you choose will stay true to color.

Watercolor may not be very good for painting on custom tote bags. Not only does it fade over time, but this happens even quicker when you wash the bag.

Choose Your Brushes

Depending on the type of paint you choose, you'll want to choose the right paintbrushes for the job.

In general, if you choose acrylic paint, you'll want to use synthetic brushes. You'll also want to get a palette knife so it's easier to mix the paint. If you try to use your brushes to mix the paint, it may ruin the bristles.

For oil paint and watercolors, you'll want to choose natural brushes.

Painting Your Canvas Tote Bags

Grab a cup of water, some scratch paper, paper towels, apron, and you're ready to start! 

Lay out your canvas tote bag flat and make sure to stretch it as much as you can. This will get rid of all the folds and creases; it may help to clip it on all 4 sides so it doesn't shift as you work. You should also slide a piece of cardboard into the bag so the paint doesn't bleed through.

You can now either use a stencil or freehand your art. If you use a stencil, make sure to tape it down with painter's tape so it doesn't shift around.

Once you're done, hang your custom printed tote bags up and leave it to dry overnight.

Give Painted Custom Canvas Tote Bags as Gifts

Now that you know how to paint on custom canvas tote bags, you can give out some truly unique and personal gifts. So forget about preprinted canvas tote bags; make your own special ones out of wholesale canvas tote bags to really wow your loved ones!

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Written by Bagz Depot — January 03, 2020

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