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When it comes to serious traveling, you'll want to bring a duffel bag with you for ultimate storage. Even the best trip can be ruined by lugging around too many bags or not being able to bring what you need, which is why a duffel bag is the best way to carry your essentials and more.

If you're wondering how to pack a duffel bag efficiently, you shouldn't worry because we've broken the process down for you.

Keep reading to learn about how to pack a duffel bag in 7 easy steps.

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1. Get the Perfect Duffel Bag

Duffel bags and can come in more shapes and sizes than you probably realize. Cheap duffle bags can be just as nifty and reliable as expensive ones, so you shouldn't break the bank on just luggage.

Whether you need bulk duffle bags or personalized duffle bags, you can often find whatever you're looking for online.

Think about what you'll use it for, how often, and what number of things you usually take with you. Keep that in mind as you shop.

2. Make a List

When it comes to packing a duffel bag, you first need to make a list of everything you plan on bringing with you during the trip. The amount of clothing you bring depends on the length of your trip and what kind of weather you might encounter.

Although you can fit a lot of stuff into large duffel bags, that doesn't necessarily mean you should fill yours to the brim. With clothing, it's best to be conservative in the number of shirts or dresses you bring, for example. Unless, of course, you won't have the option of cleaning your clothes during the trip.

In addition to clothes, you'll want to bring along your important paperwork, electronics, toiletries, and more.

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3. Pack Clothes Military-Style

If you want to know how to pack a duffel bag for vacation or an important business trip, then you must take a page out of the military handbook. You don't need to know how to disassemble and clean and rifle but you should know the right way to pack your clothes.

Instead of folding shirts and pants as you would at a department store, you need to think in terms of sausages or burritos. There's a special way of rolling up your shirts and pants so that they can take up the least amount of room possible.

A wonderful bonus to packing your clothes in this way is that it reduces wrinkling. That way, if you have a big meeting to attend with little to no downtime after you arrive at your destination, you'll be ready to go while looking alert and sharp rather than tired and raggedy.

4. Put Things Together Like Tetris

If you need to bring a lot of items with you, then you'll want to start placing things together as though you were playing a game of Tetris. Shoes, for example, should be pushed together with the bottoms facing out and heels on opposite sides of each other.

Speaking of Tetris, you should also take advantage of packing cubes. They make sure that your items don't become entangled or shift around too much as you carrying your bag through the airport and elsewhere. With cubes, your items will be much more accessible.

5. Place Essentials at the Top

There's a secret when it comes to knowing how to pack a duffel bag for two weeks or more. Never put high priority items at the bottom or middle of your bag. Anything essential that you'll need quick access to should be set aside so that you can put it in last.

When it's at the top, you'll never have to break a sweat searching for your toothbrush or passport. Conversely, items that aren't a high priority can be nestled in the very bottom of your duffel bag for safekeeping. 

6. Get Rid of Excess Items

Once you've put most of your items in their place, you may begin to notice that there are some things you simply don't need or have too much of. It's always easier to identify extra or unnecessary items as you pack and begin to realize if you've been a bit overambitious with what you intend to bring.

Additionally, if you've finished packing and discover that you have a little bit of room left over, you should resist the urge to fill it. Overpacking is always a temptation but the lighter you can pack the more comfortable you'll be as you travel.

Not to mention, you may want to bring back some souvenirs from your trip for friends or family members. Extra space will make the process less of a hassle.

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7. Make Sure Your Duffel Bag is Secure

The last thing you want to happen on a business trip or vacation is to have your valuables stolen. That's why it's crucial that you get a lock to protect the contents of your duffel bag from possible theft.

However, because of TSA guidelines, you can't use just any type of lock. If you do, you run the risk of them breaking it off completely.

Rather, you should purchase a lock that is TSA approved so that they can open and close the lock with a special mechanism, keeping your bag secure afterward.

With These Steps on How to Pack a Duffel Bag, You're Ready to Go

Now that you know how to pack a duffel bag in 7 easy steps, you can start getting ready for the business trip of a lifetime.

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